Dandy Mirror from Umbra

Dandelions are delicate and fragile flowers, but the result of their very short life is the puff with the seeds on one end floating all around the place, looking for some piece of land to fall on and plant the seed and life on. I think maybe the fact that they are so delicate makes people love them and try to protect them. So when I saw this beautiful Dandy Mirror from Umbra I could not help but stop and admire it with a huge smile on my face. It is a modern mirror with a very special design and it will look perfect on the living room wall.

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Alan Wisniewski is the very young designer who created this beautiful item. He thought of a round mirror to symbolize perfection. But this monotony is broken by the unexpected dandelion pattern you can see on the mirror. It is a silk screened mirror and the quality of the material can be seen from the very beginning.There are three dandelions drawn in the background and some of their fluff is floating about from the “sky” onto the ground. This mirror is one of a kind and can be purchased for €62.50.