Cute Kid’s Pallet Table

There are people who love to keep different old materials in their deposit room although they may never use them. There are others who succeeded to get a lot of things during their life so that you might find them in the same place even after they are gone. My father- in- law was a joiner and his two deposit rooms are full of wooden materials or wooden products. There are also many tools he used for the things he could produce. There are four years from his death and all these things are still in his deposit rooms. My husband and his wife think they can use all these materials and products. Perhaps they are right although I do not like to keep so many things in these deposit rooms.

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Here it is a couple who used some wood pallets in order to build a pallet table for their two years old son. They used a basic frame and some deck spindles which were the legs. Once they put all the components together they stained the top in dark walnut and painted the aprons and legs white.

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The result is great and their kid will definitely love this table. They also added some small chairs which were painted in white too so that they could match the table.

If I think of my little daughter and the fact that she also needs such kind of table and all my father-in-law’s materials, perhaps I could do the same thing for her. I will see what I will find in the two deposit rooms and maybe I will be able to build such a nice piece of furniture for my daughter.{found on vintagemellie}.