Cute DIY Upholstered Tree Stumps Stools

A day in the garden under the shade of a lovely tree or under a nice umbrella will be a good idea for a hot summer day. Nothing compares to some fresh air and a couple of free peaceful moments watching the wide view of the horizon, thinking of various things that preoccupies your mind or chatting with your best friend.

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Besides a shade you will need a place to sit and you may need some nice stools. Perhaps you will feel greater if you can create your own stools with your bare hands and your work can be appreciated by others too.

Here it is an idea of how you can do some cute DIY Upholstered Tree Stumps Stools. The things that you need are: several good-looking tree stumps even from your garden, some pillow filler, a staple gun and some beautiful colored fabrics.

Now you are ready to start working. Cut a fabric circle about 2 inch larger than a tree stump you gonna put it on. Staple some pillow filler to the top of the tree stump. Lay fabric over it and staple to the stump too. Cut a long piece of fabric, fold it, lay it around your stump and staple to hold.

You can repeat this process with all your stumps and your cute DIY Upholstered Tree Stumps Stools will be ready to be used.{found on}