15 Creative Ways To Use Wire Around The House

Of all the materials you could use around the house, wire is not that often mentioned. Surprisingly, it has many uses. But let’s focus more on the decorative side. There are many ways in which you can use wire features, from fences, decorative art to storage.

Cabinet décor.

The chicken wire gives these wooden kitchen cabinets a rustic look. The distressed finishes also adds to the charm. Use chicken wire instead of glass for a different and more interesting look. A lot of styles can work with such a feature.

Wire fence.

A wire fence like this one can be great for the patio. You can decorate it with living plants and, because of the minimalist design, it maintains an airy and open feel. It’s also simple to make. All you need is some wire and beams.

Framed décor.

You can use chicken wire to make an interesting piece to display on the wall. Use an old frame, take out the glass and the backing and attack chicken wire. Then hang photos and small items like on a cork board. It’s great for the office.

Wire railing.

When the views and the surrounding landscape are so beautiful, it’s a shame to hide it all behind solid walls on the porch or terrace. Wire railings allow you to enjoy all that beauty without compromising on safety.

Hanging art.

In your home studio you can come up with a simple system for displaying your work. Take some wire and stretch it between two hangers or some other type of hardware and you can then just hang all sorts of things on the wall.

This simple system also allows you to add some charm to your bedroom. Hang photos or other images you like above the bed. You don’t need frames and you don’t have to drill holes into the wall.

Modern staircase.

This type of staircase design is quite popular in modern and contemporary homes. The steel cables stretch all the way down and form a transparent wall. It’s great if you want to add a modern touch to the décor without much fuss.

Similarly, you can have wire railing on the staircase. It provides you with the safety needed and it maintains a simple and modern look. Combine metal with wood for a balanced look.

A contemporary staircase featuring sleek metal cables that form a wall on the outside. The railing goes on the opposite side, mounted on the wall. The built-in lighting adds to the simplistic and modern design.

Storage baskets.

Metal baskets like this one are useful in any room of the house. For example, use them in the kitchen to keep supplies organized. Instead of storing ingredients in cabinets, you can display them.

Baskets are also useful in the home office or craft room. Organize and store all the little items. You can put labels so you find the item you need more easily, although the baskets are quite transparent.

Of course, wire baskets are very useful in the garage. Organize all your tools and work items in baskets and store them together. It makes it easier to find the item you need and it keeps the garage organized.

The hallway could also use a small basket in which to put gloves, scarves, small accessories, maybe the mail and all sorts of other things. It’s simple and practical.

Even the living room can accommodate wire baskets. These ones have a simple but chic look and they’re used for décor. Display natural treasures like in this case but you can just as well use them as bins.

Wall art.

Have you ever thought of making wire decorations to display on your walls. As it turns out, wire is a malleable material so you can easily create all sorts of shapes. With a little imagination and some guidance, you can create lots of complex decorations.

Of course, simple shapes can also be charming. Make a wire garland for the wall in the hallway, living room, bedroom or for any other room in the house. It will look charming no matter where you display it.

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Published by in Interiors, on April 14th, 2014


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