Creative Ways Of Re-Using Crates

Everyone has had interaction with a crate at least one time. Usually when you buy something in a wooden crate and empty the content you find yourself looking at the empty crate and thinking it’s a shame you have to throw it away. But in fact you don’t have to because crates can be reused in many different ways. If you don’t have a crate then maybe you can find or buy one from a store.

Crates are not useful just at home. They can be reused in lots of different ways and sometimes shops even have to think of smart ways of repurposing them. For example, this shop features several wall-mounted wooden crates that have been converted in display and storage spaces. They add a very nice vintage touch to the shop.

As you might have anticipated, crates are great in the kitchen. In the kitchen there’s also need for space and there’s always something that needs to be stored. Wooden crates are wonderful for fruit, vegetables, as well for utensils and all sorts of other items.

If you’re clever and you’re good at seeing the potential in everything, you can convert a simple wooden crate into a lovely display case for decorations, accessories and all sorts of small treasures. Put it in the living room, family room or anywhere you think it would fit best.

When you have time, creativity and when you know how to use your imagination and to exploit everything, you can come up with all sorts of fun and useful projects. For example, this is a collection of several wooden boxes that have been painted in different colors and placed one of top of the others as a way to store and display objects.

In the dining room it’s sometimes customary to display decorative plates on the walls. But since you have chosen this method to decorate your dining room, you can also add some extra vintage flair to the room by using old wooden crates to create a nice display on the wall.

Of course, not all crates look old and vintage. Some can be used to create more modern decors. For example, this entryway features a very nice wall system made from wooden crates. They provide storage and display compartments for accessories and decorations.

If it’s large enough, a wooden crate can also be used as a nightstand replacement. In fact, it would be perfect since it would also provide a large storage compartment for books. It would be large enough to accommodate a table lamp and it would add texture and character to the room. If you want, you can repaint it.

Another way of repurposing or reusing a wooden crate would be to maintain its primary use. You can give it a little twist by adding castors and making it a little mobile storage crate that you can take with you when cleaning the house. It would also be a fun and nice idea for the kids’ room.

You can turn a wooden crate into a serving tray. You just have to find the right size and to give it a little makeover if you want. It’s easy to transform something when you have a creative mind. You just need to see the potential that an item has and from there everything gets easy.

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