Creative ways in which you can repurpose Altoids tin cans

Altoids is a brand of breath mints and they’ve existed since the 18th century. The country of origin was Britain but, with time, the mints became less widely available there than in the countries where they are exported. Altoids has become a recognized symbol for the distinctive shape of the tin cans. These cans are very versatile and they can be repurposed in many different ways. Here are a few examples.

Message board.

If you have a few of these cans in your home or garage then you could use them to make a message board. You’ll need Altoids tins, spray paint, epoxy, pliers, a drill, strong magnets and a magnet with handle. First clean the tins and push the metal flaps inside using the pliers. Drill a small hole in the top right corner of one tin and top left corner of another. Then spray paint the cans. Paint the magnet with handle as well and use it for the tin that will become a key holder. Then arrange them all as you want and attach them to the wall.{found on designsponge}.

Photo album.

For this project you’ll only need one tin can. First spray paint the tin and then select a few photos which should fit inside the can. Connect the photos with ribbon and place them inside the tin. You can also decorate the exterior and interior with ribbon or whatever else you want.{found on mamaurchin}.

Altoids Tin Garden.

A small tin can would also be a nice planter. You can spray paint it or not, depending on the look you prefer. Then all you have to do is add some organic soil and maybe even some stones. Put the plant in and enjoy it. You can plant a succulent or a flower, maybe even a tiny bonsai tree if you think the tin is big enough.{found on gomistyle}.

Tin travel candle.

Another great idea would be to make a travel candle. You’ll need an Altoids tin, candle wicks, wax, mod podge, decorative paper, a pencil, scissors, a paint brush and wax coloring or scents. Clean the tin and trace the top and bottom on paper. Cut out the shapes and glue the paper onto te exterior of the tin can. Then apply a thin layer of mod podge all over the papered part and let it dry. Glue the wicks onto the base, heat the wax and pour it into the tin.{found on designsponge}.

Cream tin.

You can also use an Altoids tin as a container for cuticle cream and it would be great for when you’re traveling. You’ll need 1,5 ounces of beeswax, 3 ounces of apricot kernel oil and a tablespoons of honey. Mix the wax and oil in the microwave, stir in the honey and then pour the mix into the tin can.{found on lepetithappy}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on April 5th, 2013


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