Creative and efficient methods of integrating whiteboards into your home

Blackboards and chalkboards are fun and used to be very popular but they’re now starting to fade. They are replaced by whiteboards which are just as efficient if not even more and that also allow you to be less messy and more practical. These clean and simple whiteboards can be easily integrated into your home’s décor. There are lots of methods for doing that and you can include them in any room. Here are a few examples.

In the kitchen there are lots of things that you could put on paper or, even better on the board. They include things such as recipes, grocery lists, schedules, messages and all sorts of other ideas. A whiteboard would be a great addition to the kitchen. It’s simple and has a clean, sleek look which makes it versatile and easy to integrate in any type of décor.

A bedroom could also benefit from the presence of a whiteboard, especially if it’s a teen of kid’s room. It can be helpful for organizing your time schedule, putting down all the things you want to do, the titles of the movies you’d like to see, write down inspirational messages or simply doodle something to cheer up the atmosphere.

Another place were a whiteboard would be very useful is the laundry room. If it’s a shared space or a multifunctional space you can write down a schedule, a list of rules, messages for the other persons using the room or all sorts of other things. Use different colors for different categories. It’s a way of maintaining the space clean and organized.

The kids would definitely like to have a whiteboard in their room. Whether it’s their bedroom or their playroom, kids love to write, doodle and paint. A whiteboard would allow them to do that in a clean and controlled environment. It’s a way of letting them express their creativity and a way of giving them some freedom.

A mudroom or hallway could also benefit from the presence of a whiteboard. It can be a small one, perfect for writing down messages for other persons or for writing down a set of rules, warnings, lists of things you have to do immediately after you get home or a simple welcome for the guests.

Of course, there’s one more place where a whiteboard would be very useful and it’s the office. In a home office you can either have a whiteboard mounted on a wall or you can be a little more creative. For example, you can use the whiteboard as a top for your desk. This will allow you to better organize your thoughts and will give you a space where you can write and erase, calculate things and organize your ideas.

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