Creating A Natural Feel With Wood In Contemporary Bathrooms

Some materials are simply warmer than others and natural wood is a good example. Nonetheless, most bathrooms tend to have an absence of wood in either its natural state or processed. On show in the majority of washrooms will be ceramic tiling, marble and, from time to time, vinyl. The reason for these conventional design choices is obvious – bathrooms need to be resistant to steam and splashing.

However, bathrooms that are only equipped with shiny and reflective surfaces can feel a little cold, even austere. The addition of a little wood in your bathroom will really transform the space into something altogether warmer. And the great thing about wood is that it can be incorporated into bathrooms in a myriad of ways. From a simple mirror frame to wooden tiles that provide more extensive wall covering, wood can find a home. And you don’t need to go the expense of specialist wooden bathroom flooring to feel the warmth it has to offer.

Contoured Wood.

The best way to get a natural feeling in your bathroom is to use wood that is in something like its original state. In short, wood that shows tree-like contours is best. Even if your give a wooden shelf or counter top a treatment to make it water proof, make sure you can still feel the grain. A naturally edged section of wood, even if it has been machine cut on the other sides, creates a dramatic contrast against geometrically aligned splash back tiling.

Reclaimed Wood.

Repurposing wood for home interiors works well in dining rooms and kitchens, but why not use it in a bathroom setting, too? Use reclaimed wood to create an enclosure in a wet room, to get a Japanese inspired effect. Roughly hewn wood creates a distinctive look in any bathroom. All your need to do is sand off any potential splinters with a little sandpaper.

Bath Tub Panels.

If you want to update your bathroom to give it a bit more warmth then a very simple measure you can take it to replace the bath tub’s panel. This will be especially effective if your bathroom is dominated by white tiling. A new single section wooden panel will instantly cause a dramatic change in the room. Alternatively, use boards to fill up the panel space of the bath and echo their use elsewhere in the bathroom.

The Slatted Look.

Less natural than other wooden bathroom looks, perhaps, slatted bathrooms still offer a great deal of warmth. Slatted pine will give your bathroom a sauna like feel which works very well with contemporarily styled white bathroom suites. Indeed, the use of slatted wood can be extended to make screens and dividers as well as bench seating. This can make your bathroom feel like a day spa, the perfect place to relax in.

More Than One Wood.

Sticking to one sort of wood is probably enough for warming up most bathrooms. However, more experienced designers can have some fun with multiple woods. Try mixing up darker hardwood veneers with treated softwoods and different staining.

Fake Wood.

You can get the look without ever using a single piece of wood. There are plenty of tiles that will not only look like wood but also offer you the feeling of grain. However, ceramic tiling rarely feels warm in the same way as real wood, particularly if it used underfoot. Try vinyl floor tiles instead for a warmer fake wooden finish.

Wall Covering.

A panel of wooden veneer can warm up the cold look of your bathroom’s walls, so don’t just use it for cabinet fascias. If you are covering a wall with wood, why not take the opportunity to build an open shelving unit to add to the natural appeal?

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Published by in Bathroom, on April 12th, 2013


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