Cradle Puzzle Pieces Pink Rug for Your Girl’s Room

We all know that a girl’s room is supposed to look like a Barbie’s room, all full of pink object, all delicate and nice looking. But what if the little girl, the princess loves a good challenge and enjoys doing things and changing them herself? Then it would be a good idea to purchase something special for her room, something like a puzzle rug. This nice pink rug from RugsUSA is the perfect choice. The whole rug is made of little puzzle pieces coloured in different shades of pink ( do I need to say this is the girls’ favourite colour?).

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This rug is hand tufted and is produced only of wool being both very good looking for the kids room and also keeping them warm when they play on the floor. What’s really funny about this rug is the fact that the puzzle pieces are actually detachable and your kid can combine them any way she wants. It is made in India, but it sells all over the world and you can purchase one such rug for a price between $189 and $369, depending on the size of the rug you order.