Corner base cabinet carousel

I am not a big fan of huge houses , especially when you do not have a big family, because a huge house also means huge expenses and someone to always keep it clean. So I think it is more important to have a smaller, but organized home. That is why I try to keep mine as organized as possible, I mean to keep all the stuff I need within reach, but also not in the way. This is the secret. That is why I have always believed that storing items are really cool. Look at this Corner base cabinet carousel from IKEA! It is perfect. It will help you organize all the items you need in a bathroom and at the same time keep them in plain sight.

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But the most important feature of this useful item is the fact that is uses the corner space, which would otherwise left unused. This can save a lot of room and by taking advantage of it you also save floor space. The cabinet is actually a double shelf that is made of metal and which is not covered, allowing you free and instant access to the items stored there.

Each shelf is made of laminated particleboard and they both swivel, so that you can reach anything from any angle. The tube connecting the two shelves is galvanized and made of steel, so perfect for the bathroom, as it will not be deteriorated by moisture. The shelves are covered by melamine and this will protect them from scratches. Anyway, the product is really useful and available from IKEA for $99.