Continue Time by Sander Mulder

Made by Dutch designer Sander Mulder, the Continue Time clock features a unique design. The idea of designing this clock came, as it often happens, by accident – literally. The Dutch designer owned a wall clock and one day the clock fell from its place on the floor. The clock was so damaged its minute and second hands had fallen off, leaving only the hour hand.

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This experience led to the first concept for the new clock design. As you can see, there is only a skeleton left from the old clock, but that is exactly the intention, as it suggests the continuity of time which never stops running. It has no boundaries and no way to stop and why should it?

But the tricky feature about this clock is that its arm points in one direction, but the tip in another, so this can be misleading. Any way, the idea is that this clock is not just any clock that is supposed to show time, but it’s rather an work of art, just like a painting that you hang on the wall to embellish your house.