Compact Kitchen Ideas by Jcorradi

And here’s another article rrelated to kitchens. This time it’s about how you can save space when you have a small kitchen. The space is a big problem nowadays. So, here is a compact kitchen idea by Italian company Jcorradi. Small and useful the Cook kitchen incorporates all your needs into one conveniently compressed unit. A stove, oven, prep area, storage and even the kitchen sink all come integrated in this innovative design, and each element can be customized within the quartz agglomerated work top.


It’s a great way of saving a lot of space. Space is always a problem in the kitchen. It needs to provide you with enough space so that you can comfortably cook in there without feeling crowded by furniture and appliances. But you often don’t have the luxury of having a big kitchen so you’ll to deal with a smaller one. In this case you are going to figure out how to save some space by choosing multi-purpose pieces. And this one is a great example of how you can do that. Be smart and invest in a piece like this and you’ll be thankful later.

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Posted in Kitchen on October 21, 2009

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