Common Types of Wall Decors

The world today is bombarded by all manner of art works… houses, offices, theatres, etc, today are wearing great looks thanks to wide gamut of art works that adorn the walls. Wall décor is among the best of artworks that introduces a whole new level of charm and beauty into home or office walls. Artwork entails a lot of styles and creativity and a typical wall décor will utilize several artistic designs when decorating the wall. Today, wall decors are available in all manner of designs and styles, which are:

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Home wall décor – this is the type of artwork that you will normally find displayed on the walls of your home. This comes in the form of murals, wall paintings, wall sculpture art etc. Such wonderful art works would add life and color to the bedroom walls, sitting room, exterior walls and sometimes even the fences. Based on the symbols and images present on the artwork, they convey different types of messages.

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Bathroom Wall Décor – the bathroom as it is is a very comfortable room and having an artistically designed work of art on the bathroom could make all the difference in the world, creating a glorious place to relax and unwind. There is a wide range of wall decorations that you can use for your bathroom wall décor, but ensure you go with artworks that communicate calming and soothing effect.

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Office Wall Décor – this is a distinctive work of art artistically painted on an office wall, mainly seen in large to medium-sized companies as well as government offices. Many a times, office wall décor is meant to communicate a specific piece of important information to visitors and workers.

There are different design processes used to make wonderful wall decors, a good example commonly used by artists today is oil painting. Oil painting is basically the use of pigments in drawing and painting different wonderful designs for wall décor. Painting materials like frankincense, resin, walnut oil, drying oil, and many more are used in the process. Once the painting is put on the wall, it would be dried through oxidation or evaporation, and will dry up completely within one to seven days.

Now that you know about wall decors, you can find the best pieces of art by visiting artwork shops, and sometimes even online. Rest assured that a good quality wall décor could cost you a fortune, but there is always a wall décor that will fit within your budget perfectly. Even so, the charm and beauty it will bring to your house is unrivaled.