Comfortable Snooze Bed

My grandma used to say that morning sleep is the sweetest and this is when you never feel like waking up and getting out of the warmth and comfort of your bed. So you set your alarm clock for 6 a.m. but do not want to open your eyes just yet, so you stay in bed for a few more minutes. This state of “snooze” is when you are half awake and half asleep. This Comfortable Snooze Bed is perfect for this state because it is big and comfortable and makes you want to stay there longer and longer every time.

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Its wooden frame is made of beech and is then upholstered with beautiful and smooth leather in black, brown, red or putty, quite a large diversity of colours that allows you to find the perfect one for your bedroom design. It has slated base legs and that offers stability and also personal charm. The bed looks like a ship that is ready to sail, so it welcomes you for a good night or afternoon snooze. This elegant and nice bed can be ordered at Ochre and it will certainly bring a personal feature to your home.Combine it with some more modern pieces of furniture and you will have the bedroom of your dreams.