Comfortable and Protective Catalina Bunk Bed

I have always loved bunk beds. They seem to me perfect for kids and very functional too. They offer protection, privacy and more than that, they can help you save space. Those bunk beds which can  become two twin-sized beds are even more convenient for the family with two kids and a small apartment. A colleague of mine showed me the room that used to be hers and her sister’s. Their two room apartment could not offer them separate rooms for them so the two twin- sized beds were perfect for just one room of their own.

If you also need a solid and protective bunk bed you may become interested in this offer. It refers to Catalina Bunk Bed, a nice and solid bunk bed which can be used as two twin-sized beds to. Its wood frame and hand applied finishes make of it a durable bunk bed and protective one.

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It can sustain a weight of 200 pounds and it is available at a special price of € 679.55-€ 818.90.Your kid will feel nice, comfortable and you will make no worry related to his or her protection. The top bed of the two twin-sized beds is recommended to be used by kids over six years old. If they are too little there is the risk to get hurt.In case you have an agitated kid and you need to feel protected all the time, choose this comfortable and protective Catalina Bunk Bed which will save you from all these worries! There are also some other interesting features related to this bunk bed in case you become interested in it.

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Posted in Kids on May 13, 2012

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