Colorful “Vanessa” Rug

Spring is the season that inspires you life and energy. Now it is the moment when everything starts a new life. The environment dresses up a new green coat of freshness and color.This colorful “Vanessa” rug is a beautiful piece which will bring the fresh spirit of spring into your house. It will create a joyful atmosphere due to its floral pattern and beautiful colors.

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It is hand- hooked, made of polyester. Now your room will be transformed into a beautiful field of flowers that will create a pleasant atmosphere. You can imagine yourself running after butterflies or getting rest on a wonderful field of flowers.

“Vanessa” rug will bring nature closer to you and will make you remind the beautiful moments that you have spent in the middle of nature.Your bedroom or living room will get a new fresh air and a new image with this colorful “Vanessa” rug.Available for 169$.