Colorful Coral Seating

The aquatic world has always fascinated us with its colorful environment and mysteries. It represents a wonderful place where the combinations of vivid color and interesting shapes are the result of some real aquatic jewelry. These aquatic beauties make us realize that we have and live in a wonderful world which deserves all our interest and protection. They enjoy our sights and fill our soul with joy.

You can bring color, life and interesting décor to your room if you choose this Coral Seating. Its name and shape make you think of corals, of microorganisms that belong to marine environment.It is a structure built by adding some hexagon funnels which are a hybrid of felt and polycarbon hexagons. The result is some elastic modules that offer you comfort and relax. They can bring a smile on your face too because seem very funny.

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They can also be used as decorative elements and for public spaces too.