Colorful and functional wine crate shelves

If you’re creative enough you can basically use just about anything to make something new and useful once again. For example, something as simple as a wine crate can become something as useful as a shelf. The transformation process is very simple. Basically all you need to do is take the crates and repaint them.

Since it’s a DIY project, you have the freedom of choosing whatever color you like. For example, if your home décor is simple and neutral, you can either go with something similar such as white or black or you can choose to add a hint of color. You can also paint the crates in more than one color but that’s all up to you. After you’re done painting, decide on a pattern and take some decorating paper. You’ll have to cover the back of the crate. Of course, this is also optional. The back can simple remain the same color as the box. However, it would be boring and not very creative.

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After that part is done too, all you need to do is mount the crates on the wall. Since different crates have different shapes and different dimensions, you can use multiples crates to cover part of a wall. Paint them in different colors and hang them on different heights and you’ll get an interesting composition. It’s a very simple way of getting some additional storage space for your home. It’s also a fun project as well.{found on theplungeproject}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on April 12, 2012

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