Color options for the kitchen

Colors are one of the crux factors that are responsible for creating the mood of the room. This fact holds true for all parts of the room, including the kitchen area. The right color selection shall create the desired effect in the room and help ones to indulge in work.

Here is a list of some color options for the kitchen –

Warm colors – Warm colors are always a preferred choice. They are known to blend with all styles of kitchen, including traditional kitchen and modern style kitchen. However, they are the right choice when wall space is limited. Yellow, orange and red are some popular warm colors. Among these, red is an intense color and thus stimulates the senses. However, it is advisable to invite toasty brown or cool white with the red color in order to balance the tone of the kitchen and make it inviting and exciting. The other colors which are orange and yellow, also work amazingly well in all designs.

Cool colors – Cool colors such as blues and greens that are commonly associated with nature can be introduced to the kitchen also. These colors look refreshing and work nicely with all types of kitchen designs, including traditional and modern. In addition, cool colors are known to bring in relaxation feel to the room.Now you can build your dream house with earth photography inspiration from Maui, Hawaii for example. Light hues of cool colors are perfect in a kitchen with dark color furniture and large appliances. On the other hand, darker hues may be used in a spacious kitchen with light colored furniture and white appliances.

Neutral colors – Most of the people relate neutral colors to boring and dull environment. However, this is absolutely not true. Neutral colors provide an elegant look and also a versatile base for playing with colorful accessories and artwork. Neutral colors such as pristine white, antique ivory, sandy brown and slate gray are some popular options for the kitchen area.

Mixed colors – if you wish to create a dynamic look in your kitchen then you should go for mixed colors. Mixed colors work amazingly well in the kitchen as most of the kitchens are known to have separate walls and not continuous running walls. You may paint a single wall in a warm color and paint the remaining walls in a neutral color. Another popular option is to use two colors. You may paint the bottom part of the wall in a dark color and the top part in a light shade.

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