Cole Ottoman from Nurseryworks

Normally ottomans are pretty simple in design and they are just used for decorative purposes or for resting your feet when you watch TV or something similar. Anyway, they are static pieces of furniture and they are usually let where you place them. Well, this Cole Ottoman from Nurseryworks drew my attention because it is different from all the other ottomans I have ever seen. It is indeed nice and useful, but it has a very unusual base that comes between it and the floor. This base is made of bent plywood and this gives the ottoman a totally new look and mobility.

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This base also has a shelf incorporated which can be really useful if you sit on the ottoman and want to store something there like a book, a deck of cards, some magazines or other small items. The ottoman has a nice upholstery that is available in many colours and offers a nice pleasant feeling when you touch it thanks to the high quality suede used. Even if this ottoman is supposed to be a piece of furniture meant to be used by kids, I am sure all the adults will love it, too. The item can be purchased for $300.