Cococozy Logo Linen Table Napkin

Usually we use tissue napkins when eating because they can be easily replaced and you do not need to wash them in order to clean them. You simply get another one. This is great for most people, but when going to the restaurant it is a lot more comforting to see linen napkins. That means respect for the client and for cleanliness and also it improves the general design of he table a lot. You can apply the same rules to your dining room and you will see the difference. This Cococozy Logo Linen Table Napkin brings elegance and style to any table and makes it festive instead of suggestive a fast food meal like tissue napkins do.

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This napkin is useful, but also very nice as design and it shows a distinctive feature while displaying the logo of the manufacturer on it. It seems to me a bit like the Coco Chanel logo with those inverted Cs, but this time there are four Cs there that are linked in an interesting pattern. Any way, the napkin is beautiful and can make any dinner look great and sophisticated. It is made of cotton, with nice great patterns on and the perfect dimensions – 20″x20″. You can also choose the colour to be navy and order it online for the reasonable price of $37 each.