Closet Home Office Ideas

Are you running short of space to design a functional office in your home? Isn’t there any wall space left to accommodate an office desk and cabinets? Well, if this is the case, then the best solution would be to convert a closet into a home office. Many closets are not utilized to their fill capacity, and transforming one of these into a home office would easily solve your space problem and also assist you to stay organized.

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First of all, determine your needs because space is definitely going to be a premium in case of the closet home office. Try and classify elements of the closet office in categories such as essential, decoration and space consuming, so that you can select the best combination out of them.

Organize and streamline office equipment and files into functional desk, shelf organizers, cabinets and storage containers. It is always better to select a desk which is full open or half open underneath so that you can push in the office chair whenever the area is not in use, and avoid a cluttered look.

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Just because you are transforming a closet into a home office, it does not necessarily have to appear like a closet only. A closet home office can be designed as efficiently as the traditional office. Before setting the work station, dress the inside walls of the closet. Choose a vibrant paint color or wallpaper. Alternatively, you may also select personal photographs, inspiring lines and motivational pictures to impart a personal touch to the walls.

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While decorating and designing the inner walls, include the side walls also. As width of the side walls is assured to be less, you may employ the wall for installing paper clips to hold letters, wall holder for stationary or hooks for hanging miscellaneous items. Small corner shelves may also be mounted, and can be used to keep a table calendar, table clock, mobile charger, etc.

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Ensure that all the components of your closet home office are in alliance with each other. The office chair should match the desk height and computer and laptops should be easily accessible. In addition, also ensure that accessing any component should not pose a problem in functionality of any other element of the space.

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Posted in Office Design Ideas on June 13, 2011

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6 Responses to “Closet Home Office Ideas”

  • Amelia @ Home Decors says:

    As a stay-at-home mom with a home office, these layouts look perfect. All of them are great space savers especially the first photo. The ambiance, the wall color, and the flooring design are stunning.

    But if it were to me, I just would like to get rid of the drawer (the one under the table). I don’t want to restrict the movements of my feet and legs.

  • Casey says:

    Hey, Does anyone know where I can buy some of that metallic reflecting magnetic stuff they have on the right hand wall in the first picture?

  • StefanStefan says:

    Hi, casey i will look for you.

  • Aydee says:

    Yes, I’m also interested in the magnetic board-like piece as well. Please let me know where I could purchase this when/if you find out? Thanks.

  • StefanStefan says:

    Aydee these are simple magnets…


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