Classic Single Sink Console – White

Normally bathrooms only have a sink and a bathtub or shower cabin. But some of the times , especially when the bathroom is a bit bigger and there’s plenty of room for extra furniture, you can also choose some sink console you can use for storing towels and other items you might need in that room. This can be very useful and nice at the same time, as this sink console can bring a very special touch to the bathroom, a nice view and design.

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The sink console I am presenting today is very simple and elegant, yet very classy, as it is made of a wooden frame that supports the sink and the top. The sink is made of white mosaic, as this is the material of choice for bathroom sinks nowadays, but the top of the console is made of Carrara marble, which is famous all over the world for its quality and finesse, not to mention price. There are three drawers you can use for storing things and there is also some space underneath where you can set a wicker basket or something similar or even use it for storing detergents and all. This elegant piece of furniture is white, so you can match it with any kind of bathroom design and it is available for $1,499.00.