Circle 3 Magazine Table

I drink a cup of coffee every morning and when I do that I like reading some magazines. OK, I’d rather do that online, but the humming and light of my computer wakes everybody up, so I just read paper magazines while doing that. So I sit in my living room next to the coffee table and hoping to find the magazines somewhere close, so that I don’t have to move again. This is how i got the idea of getting an incredible and useful piece of furniture – this Circle 3 Magazine Table. It is a very smart combination of coffee table and magazine rack, so it is basically a table with a magazine rack.

The table is designed by Mark Zuckerman and Monty Lawton from In House furniture and looks amazing. It is made of walnut, but has a maple core, which makes it look great. I guess the name of the table comes from the three circles  that are the table base, two of which are actually the magazine stands. The table is graceful and nice, elegant and still modern, even if it was first made in 1994. The item is now available in maple for $695 and in walnut for $795.