Christmas accessories under $100

We know it’s only the 2nd of December but it’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. So we though to mix it up a little and today we’re presenting you a top with lovely accessories that you can buy for less than $100 for Christmas.

1. Scalloped Glitter Garland (Gold) – $2 – $4.

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Decorate your home with this lovely garland. It’s perfect to create a festive atmosphere, not just for Christmas but for other holidays as well. It’s made from glittered gardstock attached to a white string and it’s 6 feet long. Custom items can be ordered as well, in case you need a different length.

2. Glitter Teaspoon Set – $35.

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If you like glitter, than why not include it in the dinner table as well? These festive teaspoons have glitter suspended inside and they add a sparkle just in time for the holidays. The glitter is safely locked inside so there will be no accidental swallowing. They are dishwasher safe and sold in sets of 6 (3 silver and 3 gold).

3. Fair Trade Reindeer Ornament – $12.

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Besides the traditional Santa Claus decorations, reindeers are one of the most popular choices during Christmas. If you feel especially green this year, than you can opt for this eco-friendly reindeer that’s perfect for modern homes. It’s made from banana fiber and has a twine loop that makes it easier to hang in the tree. The dimensions are 5.5″L x 6″T.

4. 12 Gold Antique Yellow Shatterproof 4-Finish Christmas Ball Ornaments – $19.99.

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This is a set of 12 golden Christmas-themed ornaments. They come in 4 different finishes: shiny, matte, glitter drenched and holographic glitter sparkle. They would look beautiful on the Christmas tree. Moreover, they are made of plastic so they’re both practical and unbreakable. A pack of matching gold string hangers is also included. The ornaments measure 4″ (100mm) diameter and they are also available in other colors as well.

5. Seasonal Candle Holders – $2.90-$4.95.

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There’s nothing more romantic than candles. During Christmas, create a lovely romantic atmosphere with these beautiful seasonal candleholders. There are 48 different designs to choose from and they are all beautiful. They features prints such as snowflakes, Christmas trees and little stars and they come in different colors as well.

6. Swivel Straight 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand – $59.99.

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It’s a unique experience to be able to come home with a fresh Christmas tree and to place it in its stand before starting adding decorations. But usually that first step somehow manages to get a lot of people angry. Avoid all that with this practical Christmas Tree Stand. It has custom designed clamps in order to reduce branch trimming, a stable 20’’ base and it holds a tree up to 10’ tall with a trunk diameter as large as 5.75″. It also features an extra large water reservoir to keep your tree fresh.

7. Quilted & Beading Satin Stocking – $17.10.

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For those who prefer a more traditional approach this year, we have the perfect decorations. These lovely 19’’ quilted & beading satin stocking are great for the fireplace, bookshelf or any similar place that needs some color. They are available in a variety of rich colors and they are made of polyester.

8. Glass Star Tree Topper – $10.80.

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Every tree needs a star on top. Otherwise it will look unfinished. This lovely decoration is a glass star tree topper and it comes in a beautiful tone of gold. It would look beautiful on top of any Christmas tree. You can buy it for only $10.80.

9. Outdoor pine wreath ornament – $62.19.

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Some people don’t really feel that it’s Christmas until they have a seasonal wreath on the door. So here’s a lovely one for you that has been designed to withstand the harshest weather. It’s made of faux pine and sturdy plastic spheres. It measures 22″ in diameter and it’s available in red/silver or green/gold.

10. Christmas Even doormat – $18.10.

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Add a vintage touch to your Christmas décor with this lovely themed doormat. If represents a scene of Santa dashing through the fields on his gift-laden sleight and it’s perfect for Christmas. It would immediately set the mood right at the front door. The doormat measures 30″ wide x 18″ deep x 1.5″ thick and it’s made of naturally durable coir, a fiber derived from the outer husk of coconut shells.

That’s all for this Friday but we’ll be back with more ideas for Christmas really soon.

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