Chic chair makeover

This chair used to sit alone and sad in a garage for a few months. There wasn’t much anyone could do with it since it was so old and it had and ugly and outdated upholstery. However, the reason why the chair was bought in the first place was because its new owners thought it had potential.

The chair was old but it had a nice frame. It was still strong and durable despite the age and it also had a nice shape that deserved to be appreciated. However, the upholstery it had was not the way to go. That’s why the chair was in bad need of a makeover. Its owner decided to give it a more modern and chic look. The project was quite simple. The frame was already in good shape so all it needed was some new and fresh paint.

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The upholstery had to be removed in order to allow the frame to be painted. So, with a lot of spray paint the chair finally started to get the makeover it deserved. The light green was a radical change but it was something that the chair needed for a fresh new start. After also getting some new padding and fabric, it started to look pretty great. The makeover was very successful. The chair can now finally be a part of the home, a functional piece of furniture and also a colorful accessory. It’s an inspiring project and it can be adapted to your needs. You too can create something similar. If you have an old chair that still has some good features but an overall outdated and old look, get some fresh paint and fabric and get to work.{found on htyh}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on March 22, 2012

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