Chic Bird-Themed Home Decor Ideas

Have you noticed that birds in home décor have never really been out of style? Somehow, someway, birds have managed to work themselves into chic interior designs throughout the centuries. I admit that when I think “bird,” I sometimes think of my grandmother and her plastic hummingbird feeder, or a group of tropical-shirt-wearing binocular-toting bird-watching tourists, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how this species, above all others, can be so versatile in décor. In truth, however, the delicate creatures are easily incorporated to many interior design spaces with ease and sophistication. Here are some ideas how:

Birds on Throw Pillows.

We have them, we love them, we buy them, we make them. Throw pillows are, in a way, the soft fluffy backbone to the style of a space. (That might be exaggerating a bit, but still. They’re important.) This sweet bird-centered pillow set amidst bright, fresh wallpaper adds instant earthy charm to this bright corner.{found on carma}.

Birds Carved into Furniture.

While this is less easy to replicate on one’s own, it is not impossible to find bird-inspired furniture cutouts. This particular set, appropriately named “the Raven and the Dove,” is modern, chic, and utterly endearing. The simple bird silhouettes are mirror images, and I find the pairing refreshing and sophisticated for anything from a child’s bedroom to a dining room.Designed by James Owen.

Birds as Artwork.

To be honest, I can’t tell if these birds and wires are painted or if they are some kind of 3D objects or if they are a combination of the two, but either way – aren’t they fantastic? Because they visually take up the upper half of the room, the tiny bedroom space needs no other artwork, which precisely matches the minimalistic vibe. The bird art is perfectly proportionate to the space and totally at ease in a sparsely furnished room.{found on site}.

Birds as Colorful Addition.

Of course, one could always have live birds as pets, but that is unarguably much more work than buying some faux birds and adorning a couple of potted branches with them. The bold patches of color created by the individual birds (and the vignette overall) almost look like some kind of great vintage wallpaper here. And that bright aqua curio! This is a lovely scene, all around.

Birds as Gallery Wall.

A group of large framed bird sketches set against a lime-colored wall creates a powerful scene. Although they are not true two-tone sketches, the colors are very muted, which makes the bright wall (along with the blue buffet table) enthusiastic yet not overwhelming color choices. The bird theme is tastefully refrained here, with two white ceramic birds perched on the buffet. Overall, the space is energetically sophisticated.{image from vendome}.

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