Cheltenham – Old Raspberry Stairs Runner from Roger Oates

Carpets are used to cover floors either for protecting the floor or for making sure the person living in that particular house is warm enough on their feet. So I can say carpets and rugs are really useful, especially as they add a plus of personality to the overall design of the room. Any way, there is a very special kind of rugs or carpets that are used mainly in institutions like museums or very tall houses. These are the stair runners. These runners are not very wide, but very long rugs that are placed on the stairs. They are secured with long metal or wooden bars and make an interior design really gorgeous if chosen in the right colour and quality.

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This Cheltenham – Old Raspberry Stairs Runner from Roger Oates is amazing, as it is simple in design, yet it draws all eyes on it. Apparently this Roger Oates is a brilliant carpet designer who choose just the right colour and pattern for this runner. It is pretty narrow, but long enough to cover all the stairs in your room and the nice raspberry colour fits any design. Its look is completed by the wide white lines on the edges that makes a beautiful contrast with the red. It is entirely made of wool and has a 60 cm width. You can purchase it now for £90.00 per linear meter.