Changes in the children’s bedroom from day one to age 16

Having a new born in the house is always a reason of joy. It is a pleasure for the young mother and father to put together the child’s room even before the baby’s arrival. They start planning and first they paint the walls in girl or boy colors and after they purchase the child’s bed. They think that they are ready but as the baby term gets closer and closer they realize that there is more to it that they imagined.

No matter the age of the baby safety should be the main concern of the parents when decorating the children’s bedroom as well as the entire house. Better start from the beginning then be unprepared when the child’s a few years old. Then you have to think of the functionality of the space and have it well-organized.

In the first months, from day one to up to three years old, the child’s bedroom will be divided in four well-defined zones: the changing zone with the changing table or at least a dresser with a comfortable chair that can make the job easier for the mother while its drawers can hold the diapers and wipes, the sleeping zone where you install the baby’s crib and a minimum of one hanging toy that can entertain your little one, the sitting and nursing zone with a rocking chair where you will feed and cuddle the baby and the play zone where your main piece is the area rug that has to be soft and colorful but you can insert a few colorful woven baskets for the toys to be kept on.

All these peaces of furniture must match up, we recommend you to purchase them from the same collection and carefully pick a design that will suit your child’s bedroom at a bigger age also. Choose window coverings that won’t let the light in so that your baby’s sleep won’t be disturbed.

As the baby grows into a preschooler the room must suffer changes. The walls can be taken by large colored cartoons and the furniture if not applicable must be changed with appropriate to a young child’s height furniture. The child can also participate to the decoration of the room as hes personality is already formed and it’s for the best for him to put his print on his own room. He can choose the cartoons, the bed and the new area rug.

When your child is not a baby anymore, you no longer have to decorate as your pre-teen or teenager will want to choose all items like floor, wall color and furniture by itself. There is no more pressure on you but you still have to give him some advice, he’s not a rocket scientist yet. The table will be changed with a large study desk, the lightning will have to be proper for studying and the storage space should be expanded in order to keep the books. The room should have a little place for the computer and the closet should be adapted to a teenager’s needs also. You can easily transform the original play zone into a study zone placing the computer there.

Now that your baby is fully grown you can spend more time on you and your needs.{picture sources 1 and 2,3,4 and 5}

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