Cha Cha Concrete Tables

I think having a concrete table is unusual, but interesting. That is because you can seldom see such tables and they are certainly attractive and resistant. However, I thought they were only meant to be used outdoors, since they are very heavy and weather resistant, too. But apparently I was wrong and these Cha Cha Concrete Tables are the proof for that. They are made of concrete, but are designed for indoors.

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These tables are hand made so they are unique and available in nine colours. They are very heavy because of the material they are made of, so it is very difficult to move them from one place to another. That is why they have four big wheels as support. The wheels are made of rubber so that they won’t deteriorate your floor or furniture. But you can choose not to order them together with the table if your floor is made of concrete, too or stone or you simply don’t like the way the table looks with wheels. The price of such a table starts at $1,750, depending on the size and thickness.