Central park west apartment

A smart renovation was done on a duplex residence, which is inside a very old 1939 building overlooking the central park. Different designers have already changed the apartment several times at different times. The apartment was redesigned according to the present needs of the inhabitants and has a very vast living space and room having a fireplace at its two ends a dining area at its center.

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Renovation usually means it’s going to be a drastic change of style. I’m not sure how this apartment looked before the renovation but I’m sure I like it now. It’s very modern, actually contemporary, with a minimalist style and the furniture is gorgeous. My favorite piece is the modular sofa. I really like the simplicity and the elegance of this apartment. It’s beautiful how this elegant and sophisticated, yet simple style is preserved throughout the whole apartment, even though every room is different. I really like everything about this place. The materials, the designs, the furniture, the colors and the modern features, the all form a beautiful combination.

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As you can see there is also a modern fireplaces incorporated in the design of the living room, a very nice detail. Furthermore, from what I see, each room is painted in a different color, which is also interesting. I like the calmness and the simplicity of the bedroom and the modernity of the living room. The bright and happy colors used for the details, like the modern art hanging on the walls, create  a very nice contrast.

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Posted in Interiors on February 25, 2010

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