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5 Modern And Unusual Armchair Design Ideas

Modern furniture often impresses with its unique design, unusual shapes and unexpected features. Even though simplicity is always an element that defines modern furniture there is also the element of surprise that makes each piece unique. For example, there are lots of armchair designs but some of them stand out with their intriguing features. These examples will conform that.

Origine Du Monde, Maybe!

This chair was named “Origine du monde, maybe!” and it was designed by Italo Rota. It has a very unusual design and an overall irregular shape. The concept behind this design was to create something that is related to the maternal theme and that reflects what the designer has described as “uterine sensuality”. The armchair has memory foam cushions meant to be very relaxing and comfortable.


“Vapor” Chairs with Stand-Out Impact

They’re visually nonexistent…well, almost…and they add no color to a space. But sometimes those characteristics are exactly what make Lucite chairs (a.k.a. “vapor” or “ghost” chairs) ideal in fully enhancing the style of a space. Vapor chairs are modern, chic, and completely at home in some of the most unsuspecting places. In fact, sometimes their near-invisibility creates a stand-out impact. See for yourself:

A long narrow space, such as this kitchen-dining area, appears larger when vapor chairs are used as seating. The chairs don’t impede the visual space, and, therefore, our eyes are able to travel further and grasp the whole space at once. These chairs add freshness and a simple, almost subconscious textural element to this white-neutral space.


Louis Chairs & Their Versatility

If you’re ever in a conundrum about which chair to choose for a certain space, chances are high that some version of a Louis chair would be the perfect choice. No kidding. These amazingly stylish and versatile chairs have the magical ability to transform into the perfect accent or foundation for nearly any space – modern, traditional, eclectic, and everywhere in between. All it takes is a knowledge of the overall vibe you want to achieve and the tweaks to the Louis chair that will take it there. Consider the following:

Louis Chair Contemporary – Hot pink and leopard-print stilettos? And a mirrored vanity? This chair is definitely in the neighborhood of ultra-urban chic. The Louis form is a lovely choice here, as it allows us to see the color from the back view of the chair as well as the fantastic lines and curves that make the Louis chair such a treasure. A perfect pop of lipstick in this uber sophisticated space.


Planning a Room Around a Non-Neutral Sofa

As the largest piece of furniture in a living space (well, typically), the sofa tends to hover around the realm of neutral color or blend-into-the-background wallflower. It’s not a bad idea, of course – by its sheer size alone, the sofa will naturally draw attention to itself and has the potential to overpower all other furnishings in the space. However, sometimes an eye-catching, non-neutral sofa is like a breath of fresh air. It seems to proclaim, “Here I am! Look at me! Aren’t I beautiful? Isn’t this space lovely because of me?” And if that anthropomorphism doesn’t impress you, well then, perhaps these photos will:


This red tufted sofa is an eye-catcher, for sure. Small touches of the red color play into the subtle neutral rug, while that oversized ottoman (or is it a coffee table? Or dog bed? Who cares?! It’s fantastic) takes a step into a cooler color palette, which helps to balance the rich red. And the chair’s beautiful French curvy lines hold their own on the balance fulcrum with detail. Each piece stands out in its own way, but all work together to create a luxurious space.


Successful Sofa Tables

Sofa tables are one of those furnishings that, for all intents and purposes, isn’t particularly critical to the success of a space. Sure, they are lovely and functional and nice, but a living room doesn’t “have” to have a table behind the sofa to make it work. However, that being said, sofa tables are also one of those furnishings that, when chosen and styled carefully, have the ability to coordinate and enhance the entire space with seemingly little effort or conscious notice. Below are some examples of successful sofa tables that do just that…and why:

Leggy dresser as sofa table –

Let’s just state the obvious first: what fabulous storage on this sofa table! The drawers-as-table works nicely here because the framed white drawer units loosely coordinate with the wall details, and the piece feels right at home in the white-brown chunkiness of the space. (Even the sconces are squatty rectangular, as are the window Roman shades.) An important detail to note is that the top of the sofa table is lower than the sofa cushions. I think the taller leg proportions on this sofa table make it seem less like a dresser and, therefore, more appropriate in this space.


Sofas: Big Furniture, Big Impact

When you hear: “living space,” what do you think of? Perhaps larger rooms, windows, and, above all, sofas. There are many other elements necessary for a style-infused living space, of course, but sofas tend to be the defining Big Statement item. Most likely because it’s the biggest physical piece of furniture in a space, but also because it subliminally involves such a big slice of life as well – conversations with loved ones, lounging with a good book, holidays, gatherings, meditations, reflections. Really, a sofa does it all. It is truly big furniture with even bigger impact.

The large platform-type sofas in this space are unique in their depth and provide the jumping-off point of the entire room’s contemporary-comfortable vibe. Low, flat, and squarish, the furniture enhances the layout of the entire room. Because they are so large, these sofas are kept neutral, in a lighter hue than the club chairs so as to break up their visual dominance somewhat. This also highlights those magnificent window views. This room has struck a hard-to-achieve balance of being simultaneously spacious and cozy, and the sofa design choices played a big role in that success.


Space-saving folding chairs – practical solutions for small spaces

All homes have ups and downs. Small homes, however, because of their limited space, open require you to make sacrifices in order to save space. But there are still tricks you can use to still have what you want and to save space at the same time. For example, a few folding chairs would be an ingenious solution and they would allow you easily store them when not used. Here are a few ingenious designs.

How great would it be to have a chair that you could turn flat and place against the wall? It would be a major advantage that would allow you to save lots of space. The Pick chair is extremely easy to use. It instantly changes shape and, when not used, it can be neatly stored under the bed or placed against the wall behind the wall unit.


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