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Space-saving folding chairs – practical solutions for small spaces

All homes have ups and downs. Small homes, however, because of their limited space, open require you to make sacrifices in order to save space. But there are still tricks you can use to still have what you want and to save space at the same time. For example, a few folding chairs would be an ingenious solution and they would allow you easily store them when not used. Here are a few ingenious designs.

How great would it be to have a chair that you could turn flat and place against the wall? It would be a major advantage that would allow you to save lots of space. The Pick chair is extremely easy to use. It instantly changes shape and, when not used, it can be neatly stored under the bed or placed against the wall behind the wall unit.


A few ways of showcasing the iconic Eames molded plastic rocker

The Eames chairs are legendary. They are iconic pieces of furniture that would make any space look beautiful. And since they are so beautiful themselves and so easy to integrate anywhere, they don’t really need additional accessories and accent pieces in order to stand out. Whether you use them on your porch or in your dining rooms, chairs such as the Eames rocker stand out with their simplicity and elegance. Here are a few examples that demonstrate this idea.

A modern living room with a casual décor could definitely use an Eames rocker. It would be a very pleasant and comfortable addition to the room and, if you don’t want it to stand out too much, you can opt for a neutral color in tone with the rest of the décor.


Not Your Grandma’s Floral Sofa

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? At our grandmother’s house, watching black-and-white movies on her floral couch? I have…except she called it a “davenport,” which I never knew what that word actually meant until I was in my 20s and decided to look it up, once and for all. For as much as I loved visiting my grandmother and her home, I never felt I was quite ready to make the leap into floral sofa-hood. Figured that was many decades off.

But it doesn’t have to be! Upon closer inspection of many floral sofa-touting spaces, I’ve come to realize that, in the right setting, flowers printed onto a sofa provide the perfect impact. Consider the following:

This extra-large floral print is airy, sophisticated, and serene. The muted colors add to and are in cohesion with the rest of the neutral space, with one pop of red. This is definitely a contemporary take on floral print; imagine the difference in the room’s “busy-ness” that a small, tight-knit floral print would make.


Rooms featuring comfortable and stylish Togo sofas

In the case of living rooms, media rooms, family rooms or in the case of any other type of room for that matter, the interior design and décor need to be more than just beautiful. It’s important for a room to feel, first of all, comfortable. So when you find a piece of furniture that has both the advantage of being comfortable and that of being stylish, the image becomes complete. One such piece of furniture is the Togo sofa.

Spacious attic turned into a playroom featuring pastel colors and comfortable sofas

Designed by Michel Ducaroy, the Togo furniture collection beautifully combines style with comfort. The sofas feature ergonomic designs and they have multiple density constructions with quilted covers and all these details make the sofas visually attractive as well as cozy and comfortable. The Togo sofas are the perfect addition to living rooms, family rooms and media rooms that have a casual, modern interior décor.


How to integrate an L-shaped leather sofa in the living room

The living room is a social space where family members and guests gather to spend time together. As a result, the living room’s interior design should facilitate communication and interaction. To ensure that happens, the furniture needs to be very well chosen. An L-shaped leather sofa would be a wonderful addition to the room. Its shape makes it perfect for this area and the leather gives it elegance. If you’re having trouble deciding how exactly to integrate this type of sofa into your living room, we have prepared a few suggestions.

This is a very spacious living room that features a modern interior décor. It’s actually composed of two sitting areas separated by a double floor lamp. One portion of the room features a beautiful L-shaped leather sofa and a matching ottoman. The sofa faces a large beautiful painting and has large windows on its side.


The revolutionary Panton chair, a classic that defines style and beauty

The initial image of the chair was the classic one: four feet, a steal and later a backrest as well. But then another classic was created and this one was nothing like the previous versions. It was a revolutionary piece that reinvented the chair. It was the Panton chair. Its curvaceous lines and continuous design were a remarkable change and the way it followed the human body’s silhouette was very attractive as well.

A beautiful mix of rustic and modern.Just the right balance of warmth and cool.

Today the Panton chair is no longer as impressive as it used to be but it’s still a classic and one of the pieces that could never look outdated or out of fashion. The design of the Panton chair is very stylish and chic but it’s also extremely versatile. It’s why we have included it almost everywhere. The Panton chair is a wonderful addition to dining rooms, the place it’s the most popular. But its beautiful silhouette allows it to also be used as a desk chair and to further be used on terraces, in lobbies and all sorts of other spaces.


A few suggestions of interior designs featuring the stylish Platner chair

The Platner chair is one of those pieces of furniture that rest independent of the notion of time. It has a timeless design. The Platner Collection was designed in 1962 by Warren Platner who decided to turn his attention to steel wire furniture. The armchair is a particularly beautiful piece that has a modern look even today. It comes in a range of upholstery options and it’s made of metal components with a bright nickel finish and a clear lacquer coating.Available from $2,400.

One of the advantages that such a beautiful and timeless piece of furniture comes with is the fact that it can be included in a variety of different interior decors. Here are a few examples.

Given the variety of upholstery options, the Platner chair can be easily introduced in a décor by opting for colors that match the rest of the room. For example, in this case we have two such chairs with yellow upholstery placed in the vicinity of an accent wall featuring the same color.


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