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15 Playful, Versatile And Comfy Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are similar to hammocks in a way. You get to hand them from the branch of a tree or from a stable structure and you relax and enjoy the comfort they offer. Hanging chairs are also very versatile. They are wonderful for both indoor and outdoor use. They are often used outdoors either in gardens, on porches or in the backyard. You can either hang them from tree or from a beam in the ceiling.

On a porch, you hang the chair from a beam in the ceiling

But they can also be used indoor. There are many great designs that look elegant and beautiful inside the house. The main problem in these cases is finding a good spot for them. You need a little freedom of movement with a hanging chair because you don’t want to knock down objects while you sit in it and relax.


Top 10 Quirky Office Chairs

It is never a bad idea to try and make your office space more fun and exciting. After all, most people would be in agreement that there are a lot of other places they would rather be.One of the best ways to bring energy and inspiration to your office is through the purchase of a quirky office chair. This can have a dominating effect, especially in a small office area.Read on to discover ten of the most unusual office chairs available for purchase at the moment. These are all ensured to bring the fun to your room.

1. Wooden Buddha Hand Chair.

This chair is made by ‘Love and Hope’ and is available for £200 from Not On The High Street. No one can deny that this is certainly an unusual product. And what better way to gain inspiration for the day ahead than through the hands of Buddha?


How To Reupholster A Chair: 10 Chic Ideas

If you have an old armchair or chair that looks outdated and ugly it’s probably not because of the structure but because of the upholstery. So don’t just throw it away. There’s a very good chance that the chair can look beautiful again if you reupholster it. It sounds like a complicated job but it’s actually not that difficult. Just look at these examples and you’ll see.

Reupholstering a chair can be very messy. So make sure you do it either outdoors or on the balcony or terrace if you have one. And since you’re giving the chair a new look, you can also give it a fresh coat of paint or re-stain it. You can cut a new board for the seat if the old one is too damaged or if it doesn’t look that durable anymore.{found on site}.


10 Most Comfortable Lounge Chairs Ever Designed

What people look for in a chair is looks and, of course, comfort. A chair that’s not comfortable isn’t really a chair, it’s just something to display in your house. So what makes a chair comfortable? Well, we could take a look at some of these extremely comfy chairs and we could learn from the best. Some of the designs are very popular famous and you might already be familiar with them. Others might come as a surprise but they all have in common the comfort that they offer to the user.

WING Lounge Chair.

This is the Wing Lounge chair. It has a design borrowed from the classic wing chair but it’s much more stylish. The upholstery is made of elastic memory foam so it takes the shape of your body and it remembers its characteristics. The material was developed by NASA and it’s used in space crafts. The Wing Lounge Chair was the first and only chair ever to be certified by the Space Foundation.


10 Summery Turquoise Couches

The summer haze is right on the horizon. Although I’m not a fan of the hotter temperatures, I’m a big fan of the fun, flirty and tropical summertime colors. I’m also a fan of the makeovers we give ourselves and our homes during the season. Now is the time to daydream and commit to a new idea.What’s my idea? How about a beautiful, summery turquoise couch to amp up the style in your living room, entryway or your giant bedroom? Let’s take a look at some wonderful pieces of inspiration!!

1. Contemporary.

A beautiful contrast with chocolate brown, this rich, turquoise sofa is the perfect focal point for a contemporary-styled living room. With some sharp, sleek pieces, deep colors and neutral foundations, pops of turquoise, of any shade, are a nice touch. And don’t forget the classic combination of black and turquoise to create a timeless, fashionable room.{image source tumblr}.


Cool Seating Designs That Reinvent The Basics

The days when all chairs and sofas looked pretty much the same are long gone. Designers now focus on coming up with new creations and with designs that question the basics of furniture and reinvent even the most common details. It’s how all these cool pieces have been created. They each hide surprising features so let’s see what those are.

Paq Chair.

This is the Paq Chair and it’s actually more than just a simple chair to sit on. It’s a multifunctional piece that can be converted into a mattress. This way you can use it as a chair most of the time and you can turn it into a mattress whenever a guest staying over needs it, when you want to relax on the floor while reading a book or watching TV or in other situations. All you have to do is unzip it from the back and pull out the mattress.


Brightening Your Sofa with Spring Inspiration

Your sofa is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home. With it being so large, it is no wonder that bringing color and inspiration into the space with it, is essential. Your sofa serves the function of being more than just a seating place. In fact, it can set the tone of a place. The mood of your interiors can be changed by giving your sofa a nice spring-themed makeover.

spring clean sofa lines

A beautiful sofa with clean lines

Decorate Patterned Sofas

Patterned sofas are a very good fit for the spring season. Days are gone when patterned sofas were thought to be a part of outdated living room. Patterned seating with a new crop of modern fabrics will be simply eye catching and irresistible. Different types of pattern and print options are there for sofas. For example, you can bring the fresh look of spring into your living area by decorating your Blanche sofa with a floral seat cover and a tufted leather back. You can also cover the whole sofa by a floral printed arabesque woolen fabric.


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