Sofa and Chair

Colorful Jelly sofa with egg shaped pillows

More color, more joy, that’s my motto. And that’s also Adrenalina’s conception, considering that most of its products are joyful and intense colored. Even Easter has just ended, when I first saw the Jelly sofa from Adrenalina I thought about the Easter eggs. The sofa has some fix and mobile pillows which look like some colorful Easter eggs. Sitting on this couch you will expect at any moment an Easter bunny to jump from behind.

The upholstered sofa is designed by Simone Micheli for the 2012 collection and it is created for three persons. The sofa has a simple, yet joyful colored design, which makes it fit different spaces. It is perfect for a nursery room, but also for modern living rooms or halls. The upholstery comes in two color options. You can choose between a yellow and a green seat, both of them having a checkered pattern. This model also gives the impression of fun and play.


Colorful Foldable Chair by Andrés Lhima

The Foldable Chair that Andrés Lhima designed is nothing like the traditional foldable chairs we’re used with. The name instantly awakens the image of a small and practical chair that can be folded and that’s also portable. Well, this is indeed a practical piece of furniture, it’s a chair, it’s foldable, but it’s not what we would have expected.

First of all, the dimensions of the chair are larger than we expected. That’s because this is no ordinary folding chair. It was designed by Andrés Lhima back in 2009 and it doesn’t have a solid structure. Instead, it encourages people to repurpose things. The chair is portable and foldable and it was designed to be filled by the user with anything from PET bottles to paper, fallen leaves, to bags and cloths. It’s an unconventional method but also a very clever idea.


The intriguing Missix armchair

The Missix armchair was designed by Di Marzio Design. It’s not an armchair like the other ones. This one has a very unusual design. It continues the concept introduced by the chair with no legs, made from one single piece of plastic. That one had a simpler shape. The Missix armchair is made of rotational molded polythene. It’s also made from a single piece of material.

The armchair has a very simple and modern design. Still, it’s a sophisticated simplicity. The name of the armchair gives us a clue for the shape of the design. The chair has a heavy-rounded number six shape. The chair seems to have a compact design and shape. However, on a closer inspection, the sinuous lines reveal something else. The armchair features curved lines and delicate shapes that form a sophisticated and yet minimalistic design.


The Superheroes Furniture Collection by Glimpt Studio

The Superheroes collection is a series of furniture pieces of different dimensions. They resemble a family of furniture pieces. The collection was created by Swedish design studio Glimpt for Cappellini.. It’s composed of a series of three stools. The largest one of them can also perform a double function and serve as a table as well.

The inspiration for this beautiful collection came from Vietnam. There, the team from Glimpt visited a series of artisans and studied their techniques. They also searched for inspiring materials and colors that would be suited for a new collection of furniture. The team of designers also wanted to incorporate other influences in their creations, other than those found in Vietnam. That’s when they contacted Swedish illustrator Malin Koort. He agreed to help develop the patterns for the collection.


The Garment lounge chair by Benjamin Hubert

Garment is a stylish and very comfortable lounge chair. It’s the result of the first collaboration between Italian furniture company Cappellini and British designer Benjamin Hubert. The lounge chair was displayed at the 2012 Salone Del Mobile from Milano Italy. It’s a very simple but very beautiful and stylish lounge club chair.

The design of the chair is simple but visually striking. The shape is delicate and elegant. The chair features a sturdy and durable frame that’s covered with unconventional upholstery. The Garment lounge chair is wrapped in a single piece of fabric. The fabric is loosely folded around a distinctive geometric polyurethane form. This pattern allows creases to form. They add character to the chair and become part of the design.


Modern Zigzag Floor Pouf

The Zigzag floor pouf is a very comfy but also a very versatile piece of furniture. It has a simple design and an eye-catching pattern. The pouf features a square shape and a very bold graphic. In fact, the pouf features a similar design to the Zigzag rug. The two items can be combined for a strong visual effect.

The Zigzag pouf is woven with the same pattern as the rug. It can be purchased at the price of 199.59 euros. It’s a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be used as a casual seating around a coffee table or as a side table. You can use it to rest a tray on top of it or to rest your tired body. The pouf features a hand-loomed cotton cover featuring a zigzag pattern in a combination of iron and ivory.


The Nub beech sofa by Patricia Urquiola

The Nub sofa is part of the Nub Collection. It was designed by Patricia Urquiola for Andreu World. The sofa is not the typical living room furniture piece. It’s rather something that can be used for the terrace. It has a casual design and it’s closer to the typical outdoor furniture pieces than those usually found inside.

The Nub sofa is made of beech wood. It has a simple design and construction. The sofa features a spindle back and it features sophisticated woodwork. It has a delicate shape and a modern look. Even though the woodwork is not typically contemporary, it acquired a new sense with this design. The Nub sofa comes is a variety of different combination of finishes and upholsteries. The design of the sofa was not chosen purely for its aesthetical effect. The cylindrical rods and the heights of the lumbar area are also factors that increase the comfort level of this piece of furniture.


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