Sofa and Chair

Button tufted back chair

Upholstered chairs are really comfortable and that is why many people prefer them to normal chairs, especially when you have to sit in them for a long time or when you want to spend some of your free time in a nice way, chatting with your friends or watching television while sitting in your favourite comfortable chair in the living room. This Button tufted back chair is perfect for any taste and can satisfy the most demanding customers, as it is modern, soft and comfortable and also elegant.


Lazy Football Chair

Emanuele Margini’s newest creation will definitely transform the simple act of sitting into a game of football. I know a thing or two about Italians and believe me they are indeed passionate about many things, among them football.  This sports-inspired design was just presented at the Salone Del Mobile 2012 hosted in Milan.

The idea is not complex, intricate or very hard to build; it is just bold and very creative. She integrated a football net into a chair’s frame and called it “lazy football”. “Lazy” because you can play a game that involves a lot of movement, sitting on a chair. The chair has a simple metal body that was a little bit widened, especially the front legs to mimic the actual shape of a goal net. “Players” can now enjoy a product that is placed between sporting accessories and seating items.


Shark-themed Furniture

When we talk about themed furniture automatically our mind takes us to floral motifs or pieces from the 1920s. If through your mind just flew those images let me show you that this is not what I am talking about.  You have probably head about the elephant chair, it was posted a few days ago here on Homedit; not it is the time for marine wild life. Who’s the king of the seas? You’ve got it, the shark! Inspired by its strength and brute force, some people created a special shark-themed collection of c hairs and a table.

These chairs are destined to pro athletes or for people with a large corporal structure. It is interesting how in this design there were incorporated shark figures both under the table and on the armrests. As a matter of fact if I look closer, those shark figures are the actual armrests, as for the two united shark figures under table they only act as design elements because the table top is supported by a strong metal structure.


Modern chaise with base in chromed aluminum and walnut

Modular furniture is usually the best and the safest way to go. It offers you the flexibility of changing your décor whenever you need to and it also allows you be prepared for multiple situations. This modular sofa is particularly suitable for large lounge areas. It has a simple but elegant design and dimensions that would best fit in a large living room.

The sofa features a modern shape and design. It has a platform base and sleek, almost invisible feet. Because of tis modular design the sofa can be combined in various configurations, sizes and shapes. It can be arranged as a linear series of comfortable seats and a rather traditional shape, as an sectional or as several separate pieces that share a common point.


Elegant and Functional Atelier Chair from EOOS

Many hours spent at the office, a lot of rime spent in front of your computer or many other activities which keep you in a chair for a long time. Perhaps all these things are also familiar to you and wonder if there is a solution to relax and rest a little bit using a different kind of chair. The answer is affirmative, as Atelier Chair designed by Walter Knott and produced by EOOS seems to offer you a relaxing and comfortable sitting.

Atelier Chair is an elegant and functional product which combines the refinement and quality of materials with the comfort offered by its special construction. The moment you take your seat on it, the leather begins to stretch over the steel framework and the height of the backrest suffers some changes so that you can enjoy some incredible relaxing moments and your body can find the comfort and correct position that it needs.


Most Expensive Versace Star Trek Armchair

For those who read my posts and had already formed an opinion and an idea about what I am and what I like you probably know that this is entirely my thing. I simply love this armchair! It is called the Star Trek Armchair and it is made by Versace. Why Star Trek? Look at it a little bit closer and you will see that this chair resembles the ones on the famous Starship Enterprise in which the commanders stood and steered the ship through space.

It is useless to talk about comfort because a chair like this was build only for comfort; the fact that the leather armchair looks good and has an interesting, but predictable design is not left by change either. For me this is the perfect symbiosis between style and comfort. This is what I want for my living room. This is what I want for my special place, where I can relax in a very fashionably way.


The elegant Brno chair for dining table

Brno is a chair that goes beyond modern and elegant. It’s a classic that will forever be appreciated and perceived as timeless and beautiful. The Bro chair was created by famous designer and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It has an extremely simple design but its charm lies in the simple details. The shape of the chair is elegant and, even though there aren’t any details or elements to make it stand out, its gracious look makes it hard to overlook.

The Brno chair is not only simple and elegant but also very comfortable. It has a strong and durable construction with a tubular chrome-plated steel frame. The frame is beautifully complemented by the leather cushion. Everything about this chair is so simple and yet so alluring. Another great advantage that derives from the simplicity of the design is the versatility of this piece of furniture. The chair would be w wonderful choice for the office but also for the dining room.


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