Sofa and Chair

The Multifunctional Ted Bed – Comfortable In Any Position

Multifunctional furniture is always a great investment and a wonderful choice, whether you have a tiny home and you need the extra space this type of furniture allows you to save or whether you simply want to be prepared for a variety of situations. The Ted Bed is perfect for either case.

Simple, with a minimalist design and great choice of materials, the Ted Bed is not only multifunctional but also light and incredibly comfy. It can be used as a bed, in which case it’s a simple, 850 by 2000 mm upholstered piece of furniture, or it can be used as an armchair.


Beautiful Shapely Ottomans That Jazz up the Living Room

Ottomans are fun, they’re functional and they come in a surprising variety of colors and funky shapes. From rounds to squares, they’re more than just a place to rest your feet after a long day at work. Whether it’s for the guest room, the home office or the family room, you’d be surprised how much an ottoman can change the look of the space and create a focal point. Let’s take a look at some sexy, shapely ottomans that can jazz up the living room or even if your spacious foyer!

1. A piece of the pie.

These pie-shaped ottomans are functional, modern and incredibly versatile. They not only act as resting pads but also an artistic, unique choice of decor.


30 Cute Cats That Love The Eames Chairs

The Eames chairs are legendary and everyone can see their greatness and beauty, even cats. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames, any of these chairs could look great in a luxury home and not only. The Eames Lounge Chair is definitely the most popular one. It was designed for the Herman Miller furniture company and released in 1956. Even after all these years the chairs are still extremely stylish.

But we’re not the only ones that love them. Cats are experts in choosing only the most comfortable and cozy spots to sit in and they can spot a high-quality chair in a second. The feline’s instincts don’t lie.


Five Ways to Choose the Right Sofa

It’s where you relax and put your feet up after a tiring day, but a sofa can also be much more than that. Here are some tips on buying the right kind of sofa for your living space.

Figure out Your Sofa Needs.

Beautiful but Comfortable

Will your sofa be used for lounging around in front of the television after a stressful day or will it be where your guests relax when they visit you? Knowing what you’ll mainly be using your sofa for helps you establish what style of sofa you’ll need.


10 Rejuvenating Chair Makeovers You Can Easily Do Yourself

An old chair is not necessarily a disposable chair. In fact, the older it gets the most valuable it should be as it becomes an antique, with lots of character and details that are unique to its era. Still, this doesn’t mean that it has to remain intact and that you can’t change its appearance. There are ways to preserve the character of the chair while making it better integrate into your home’s décor. It can all be solved with a makeover.

DIY dip dye chairs.

A very simple idea would be to dip the bottom portions of the chair’s feet in paint, just to add a little bit of color to the piece. Use tape to delimitate the areas and then use spray paint in any color you prefer. Preferably it should be a bold or neon shade, something that contrasts with the rest of the chair.{found on fortheloveof}.


A Simple And Forever Stylish Combination: White Sofa And Colorful Pillows

A very difficult challenge when decorating a room is finding the balance between all the colors, textures and patterns. A smart and simple strategy is to opt for a neutral, minimalistic background and to add splashes of color. This way you emphasize both parts. This works not just for furniture and for the walls but also for smaller accessories.

The colors used throughout the living room can also be seen on the pillows

For example, a very nice idea is to have a white sofa and to complement it with colorful pillows. You can have multiple pillows, each featuring a different color or you can also play with shapes and sizes.’


Choose The Right Sofa Color For Your Living room

The sofa is the center of any living room, the furniture piece around which the whole décor is being created. It’s why it has to perfectly integrate in the room. The color is very important. The color you choose for the sofa can either match the rest of the décor in its general lines or it can coordinate with certain key elements. It can also be the one piece that stands out without having to match anything. But let’s take a look at some examples of sofas and living rooms to better picture this image.

In this case, for example, the sofa coordinates with the flooring and the cabinets in the kitchen. The leather has a texture that’s quite similar to that of the wood. By choosing this shade of beige, you allow the sofa to seamlessly fit into the décor. Also, notice that the accent pillows on the sofa coordinate with the furniture as well, more exactly with the chairs and the coffee table.


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