Sofa and Chair

The innovative Bertoia side chair with seat cushion

Simple, modern and comfortable, the Bertoia side chair impresses on more than one level. It’s an innovative piece of furniture with a minimalist design and a versatile appearance. It seems very modern but it was actually designed by Harry Bertoia back in 1952. This is proof that visionary and beautiful designs are timeless.

The Bertoia side chair is made in USA by Knoll. Its original design was the result of an experiment that involved bending metal rods and transforming them in practical art. The experiment was a success and resulted in an innovative collection that included this chair as well. It’s a strikingly simple piece with a simple, versatile and stylish look. Despite its metal construction, the chair has a very delicate appearance. It’s a very beautiful and very well balanced combination between the durability and strength of the metal and the delicacy and elegance of the actual design.


Sleek design and chrome base bar stool

I am a perfectly normal person, but I do have a lot of friends and we meet quite often. That is why my dream was to have a bar inside my house, a special area to have a bar counter with glasses hanging above – just like in the real bars in the city. Of course, the stools must not miss, as a bar is not complete without them. You can organize a part of your living room to look like a bar and arrange the stools around the counter, while other people can sit on the sofa, enjoying the drinks or refreshments from the coffee table. My choice would be this amazing sleek design and chrome base bar stool.

Actually the name of this modern and shiny piece of furniture is Leo stool, but the description is right. It really has a sleek design and a chrome base, which makes it perfect for any bar, as it looks great in the dim light of the bar.

The stool is pretty tall, with one leg only, having a foot rest that is also made of chrome. The seating can be adjusted to fit the desired height and can have different colours, so you can choose the perfect one to match your room design and furniture. This seat is comfortable, despite being made of plastic, and it can swivel around its base, making it easy for its occupant to socialize. The item can be purchased now for $299 from Room&Board.

Three conference chairs we like

We all need furniture pieces in general and chairs in particular, no matter if we use them at home, at the office or somewhere else. Today we look at conference chairs. How should they be? Well, it depends on many things. Among the aspects that should be taken into consideration when we choose conference chairs for meeting rooms, there are: the height adjustment, mobility, profile and not last shape and color. I limit myself at three conference chairs that I like best.

The first chair that drew my attention is the Cobi Chair, through its white outline with bright, bold color and seat back. It has an interesting design, it is small and slight and it seems to be quite comfortable. Therefore, for $439 you can choose one of the most youthful chairs if you look at its color, style and freshness.

Another good example of smart furniture that can be included into the same category is the Bungie J – Arm office chair. For only $395, you have a comfortable piece of furniture with a unique design that not only looks good, but also is functional and adjustable in its inviting black form.

The last conference chair is a red one and what can be better than the Kartell Moorea Armchair? For $830, you can have the perfect piece for home office, but not only. This plastic body fixed onto a chromed steel base seems to represent the idea of comfort, being full of color, light weight with its unimposing form. Each of my three choices can be a solution for any meeting room, it only depends on own preferences.

Molletta Giant Clothes Pin Bench

I was given the opportunity to see a lot of thing in my life; I have experienced things from a very large domain but so far only a few things kept surprising me constantly; cosmos and design are some of them. Take this bench for instance; this sculptural piece of furniture was designed by Baldessary e Baldessari to look like a giant clothes pin made entirely from cedar.

The two big parts were carefully carved in solid wood logs to replicate exactly the tiny object we used to play with when we were kids.  I would consider this a bold design because first, I don’t think that there is somewhere in the world a bench that looks like this one and second, I really didn’t thought that this is doable, not to mention that I have never imagined that a wooden clothes pin can become at a more larger scale something that is equally useful and functional.


Solid oak wood armchair upholstery with a vintage leather

Sometimes too many hours spent on a chair have a negative effect on our body. We may get terrible back pains, become unable to move ourselves when we want to change our position or even more seriously it is the fact that the shape of our body may suffer some negative modifications that can affect our daily activities.

So, it is important to take care of our position when we take a seat, try to spend less time on a chair, find a comfortable seating place and even do more physical exercises which are very good for the healthy of our body.“Mammoth”, in a “Slim” variant may be a necessary chair for those who spend so many hours working on a chair. Its classic Scandinavian design created by Knut Bendik Humlevik and Rune Krøjgaard who have tried to combine the contemporary style with the presence of raw traditional materials.


’50 Style-Wegner Chair

It is very hard for me to talk about a chair in general. Chairs were designed to be simple, functional and some of them to look good. That is why each chair has to be treated individually and this case makes no exception. It is indeed a more particular chair, quite different from the ones you are probably used to, but only because this is a reproduction of a ‘50s chair. It was originally designed by Hans Wegner for a man.

You know when a chair is especially designed for a man’s special place because there are certain features that stand out.Like in this one there are short wooden legs, the backrest is a little wider that the seat and there are armrest; a man’s chair has to have big armrests. This design is very well thought – through, and listen to me when I tell you that a man likes to sit low, with his knees positioned a little bit higher than the hips and leaned on his back with the elbows supported by the armrests.


Lightweight Coat Armchair by Sebastian Herkner

Almost in every house there is at least an armchair if not even more. They represent a comfortable seat which can make you relax and offer great moments of rest or a comfortable position for your body. Now there are so many models of armchairs that is very hard to choose a certain model. The idea is to know what you need for your body, to think of the interior design of your room and the type of room for which you want to use it. You may think of a modern living room that needs an elegant armchair, a comfortable and soft armchair for your bedroom or a nice and practical armchair which is perfect for your lecture room or your media room.

Sebastian Herkner presents a comfortable and practical armchair called ‘Coat Armchair’. It is perfect for those who think of the upholstery of armchairs which in time get dirty or damaged by different factors. It is made of transparent silicone that is covered by a removable fabric which has also a protective role.


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