Sofa and Chair

The modular Nido outdoor collection

Nido is a collection of outdoor units that can be organized and arranged in various combinations according to each user’s needs and preferences. The Nico outdoor collection was designed by Javier Pastor for Expormim in 2010. The units are suitable for a variety of environments such as the garden, outdoor terrace, etc.

The collection includes sofas, armchairs, chaise lounge modules and central modules. They can be purchased separately and used to form various arrangements. They can form sectionals, separating seating units and other different elements. The units are hand-woven and they have been added to the collection starting with 2010 when the first sofa was designed. They follow the same pattern and have similar and matching designs so they can all be combined harmoniously. The frames are produced with steel tubes and finished with a double layer of zinc paint and polyester powder so that they could be hard-wearing and resistant.


The Suzani mango wood stool

Suzani is a beautiful stool with an elegant design and exquisite embroidery, an accessory that would look wonderful in any home. It has a vintage look and its most distinguishable feature is the top. The base of the stool is hand-crafted from kiln-dried mango wood and has a dark walnut finish. It’s sturdy, strong and long-lasting, the perfect frame to complement the beautiful upholstery.

The top of the Suzani stool is covered with beautiful embroidery that the designers found after visiting collectors through Asia. They wanted to give this piece a unique look and managed to do that with something simple but very stylish. There are several details that make this stool as beautiful as it is. For example, the lathe-turned legs and the curved base are not particularly eye-catching details but they have just the right amount of elegance to make the stool stand out.


Asymmetrical Chopin Sofa by Tomek Rygalik

Chopin is a famous name also used to describe a sofa. The sofa has a modern design defined by simplicity, clean lines and asymmetry. It’s a piece of furniture that was designed to impress and it does that on multiple levels.The Chopin sofa has a unique design that doesn’t impress with its complexity or with eye-catching details. In fact, this is a minimalist piece of furniture and one of the simplest there are.

It was a creation of Polish designer Tomek Rygalik for furniture manufacturer Comforty. The sofa has a strong presence and it’s very expressive. It has a modern design and an asymmetrical shape that makes it stand out. Moreover, it comes in a variety several colors, one of which is a very bold tone or red. Not only that the sofa is visually impressive but it’s also a very functional piece of furniture.


The Versatile Saya chair by Lievore Altherr Molina

Saya is a chair that is apparently very simple and yet t has something that makes it special. It has a minimalist design and a graphic shape. The clean cut lines, the striking angles and the way all these shapes are combined result in an eye-catching piece of furniture.

The chair was a creation of Spanish designer Lievore Altherr Molina for Arper. It has a simple but bold silhouette and a graphic and striking look. The chair is a reinterpretation of a classical design with a modern appearance. This makes it a bold and also versatile piece of furniture. In fact, the Saya chair was designed to be suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. It’s a beautiful chair to be used in the dining room but also on the deck, terrace or even in the garden. It’s also suitable for coffee places or other types of commercial spaces.


The Maarten Chair by Victor Carrasco

The Maarten chair is a tribute to the late Belgian furniture designer Maarten Van Severen. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture that combines classical shapes with unusual elements. The chair was a creation of Spanish designer Victor Carrasco. It has an overall simple design. It’s a combination between a comfy office chair and a versatile dining chair. The result is innovative piece with an eye-catching design and an eclectic style.

The Maarten chair features a wooden frame forged from oak plywood. The sear is covered with comfortable upholstery with loose horizontal stitches that’s applied to the curved body and forms a cohesive element. The base has four legs like any other classical chair. However, it’s not the number that is different but the way the legs are positioned. Instead of placing one on each corner of the seat so that the weight gets evenly distributed, the designer chose to fixate them all in the middle. They are still providing the chair with the support it needs but the visual effect and impact and completely different.


Modular Party Furniture Series

Party is a versatile series of modules that can be combined in many different ways to form various arrangements. It’s the result of a collaboration between Spanish furniture company Sancal and Luis Eslava Studio. They came up with a versatile collection composed of various seating units that can be freely arranged by the user. This type of furniture encourages interaction and socialization. It’s suitable for both residential and commercial or office spaces.

This furniture series is composed of several units that can form a sofa and multiple seating units with different heights. The units sit directly on the ground and can be organized in various configurations. It’s a very modular collection that gives the user the freedom to choose the optimal configuration for his needs and his home. This home he’ll be able to take full advantage of the space he has available and will also have a flexible décor that can easily be adapted to a variety of situations and events.


The Náutica hanging chair by Mut Design

Náutica is a stylish but, most of all, extremely cozy and comfortable garden chair. It’s in fact a combination between a chair and a swing. It was created by Mut Design for Expormim and it’s a part of the Rattan Collection. This chair is a modern creation that pays homage to one of the first pieces created by Expormim back in the 1970s. It’s a reinterpretation of that design and an adaptation of an otherwise timeless piece of furniture.

To call Náutica a simple chair would be a mistake. This piece is an innovative hanging chair with an ingenious design that has become more and more popular over the years. This creation, very similar to a swing, was designed to surprise in a very pleasant way. Nobody would say no to a piece like this. In fact, Náutica would a wonderful addition to any garden, deck or other type of outdoor space. It’s something that both children and adults love, a pleasure that we all share regardless of our age.


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