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More Than Just A Simple Sofa – Multifunctional Designs

Some pieces of furniture are not what they appear to be. Some hide secrets and hidden functions which turn out to be amazing and very useful. Dual-purpose sofas perfectly fit in this category. We’re talking about sofas that are more than simple and comfy seats, sofas that hide things like tables, ottomans and storage spaces inside their clever design or sofas that can be transformed into a while different object.

Storage and stairs.


Combine Adirondack Chairs With Modern Elements For A Beautiful Design

An Adirondack chair is a piece of furniture made of wood and it originally had 11 flat boards, a straight back and seat and wide armrests.Modern Adirondack chairs have a slightly different look.They usually feature a rounded back and a contoured seat, both of which are modifications made by Irving Wolpin.

Dark brown is one of the original colors in which the Adirondack chair was designed

He received the U.S. patent for the design in 1938. Of course, subtle changes have also been made later on and there are now several versions available on the market.


Printed, Personality-Filled Chairs: Ideas and Inspiration

Accent chairs can be your absolute best friend. They can fill the foyer, they can dress up a bland room and they’re incredibly versatile. But, what’s even better when it comes to accent chairs is their personality. Modern edges, funky textures and of course, prints and patterns! We love a great chair with a great pattern and today we’re giving you 10 inspirational ideas for when you find the most perfect, printed and personality-filled chair.

1. Chevron Slipper Chair.

In your home office or in your bedroom, this youthful chair will fit right in. The aqua colors are soft enough not to override the room, but the pattern pops enough to create interest and artistic value.


Leather Sofas for All: Uber-Chic to Mega-Comfortable Couches for Every Style

Leather is a luxe, timeless, and versatile textile. (I’m going to go out on a limb and include the faux varieties in that statement as well.) It’s warm and chic at the same time. Rugged and sophisticated. The leather sofa can be found in any variety of style because it has the capacity to meld itself seamlessly into its surroundings. Check out these examples of well-chosen leather sofas that make their presence felt in a number diverse spaces:

For the leather sofa with soul (that is, for the leather sofa that’s really pretty old and, well, is looking its age), embrace the charm of rugged imperfection. A careless throw and some pillows on the sofa can hide the biggest eyesores, while the rest of the space can carry out the charm of rustic (primitive?) style.


A Fresh Look at Mid Century Modern Chairs

When something stands the test of time, we know there’s a reason for it. Usually it’s the thing’s genius, in one way or another, that makes it attractive and desirable over the course of several decades (each representing decidedly different style trends). That being said, we can appreciate the genius of design superpowers such as Eero Saarinen, Florence Knoll, Charles and Ray Eames, and George Nelson (among many others) because of their part in defining mid-century modern styles.

It’s been done before, of course. We all know (and love) the chairs of the mid-century modern greats. But let’s just take another look at some classic pieces that showcase the era’s timeless style in seating, shall we? Because they never get old.


Sofas That Sing: Chic Prints and Patterns on Your Biggest Piece of Furniture

It’s a bit intimidating, isn’t it, choosing a sofa. It’s probably the largest piece of furniture in your space, and there are just so many options. Size, frame, legs, color, upholstery options. As if that’s not enough to make you stressed, let me throw into the mix an option that is probably often completely overlooked: pattern.

A well-chosen patterned sofa can do more for setting the tone and stylizing a space than one might think. Of course, the size, lighting, and design aesthetic of the rest of your room must be considered before deciding whether or not a patterned sofa is for you. But patterned sofas can make a chic and highly unique style statement…in any color!


The Multifunctional Ted Bed – Comfortable In Any Position

Multifunctional furniture is always a great investment and a wonderful choice, whether you have a tiny home and you need the extra space this type of furniture allows you to save or whether you simply want to be prepared for a variety of situations. The Ted Bed is perfect for either case.

Simple, with a minimalist design and great choice of materials, the Ted Bed is not only multifunctional but also light and incredibly comfy. It can be used as a bed, in which case it’s a simple, 850 by 2000 mm upholstered piece of furniture, or it can be used as an armchair.


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