Sofa and Chair

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling

Inspired by the Middle East, the furniture series of Bedouin from the renowned German designer Katrin Greiling is a fine piece of collection of seating and table arrangements. The nomadic way of style is the incredible source of inspiration to the German designer to design the extravagant furniture series with the implementation of Arabic contemporary seating arrangement in the majilis.

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling10

The Bedouin Collection from the Katrin Greiling6

Several layers of the mattresses make the sofa a convenient piece of comfort. The mattresses are stacked upon one another and are tied neatly altogether to offer a tight and comfortable seating surface. The height of the seating arrangements varies according to the number of mattresses being stacked to each other. The different cultural influences from the Middle East are visualized by the kind of fabric implementation. Massive pine, veneer or marble constructs to the coffee table with similar visual stuff with a cord being tied beneath the table.

Modern Sofa from Eilersen

A modern apartment nowadays looks incomplete without a sofa.In fact, any kind of apartment looks incomplete without a sofa. Modern sofa sets give the house the ambience it needs and it also gives people a snug space in the house to enjoy some pleasant and comfortable moments.

Sofa Inspiration from Eilersen15

Sofa Inspiration from Eilersen14

It doesn’t just  present a nice and pleasant feeling but it also add some flair to the aesthetic aspect of the home as well. Even if one owns a simple home, a modern looking sofa can add some charm and appeal and make it come alive. Here are some inspirational sofa photos from the Danish manufacturer Eilersen.


Interesting Rocking Chair Concept By Supernatural Studios

When you say rocking chair what usually comes in mind is the old grandma-like design. That one was indeed nice, but the times have changed, and so did the furniture.


Here is an interesting Rocking Chair Concept by Supernatural Studios designed to be useful also like a bar stool. This concept chair seems to be wonderful on a white background living room making an elegant atmosphere. The rocking chair uses non-traditional materials. If you chose the bar stool from Supernatural Studios that will fit in any establishments or modern home’s mini bar.


It’s a modern approach to the legendary concept of rocking chair. And it’s a successful one as well. It’s probably even more comfortable than the old design. And it’s definitely more modern and abstract. Old ideas can be improved and the results are almost all the time better than the original.

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog is a small oasis of relaxation in a stressful world. This armchair called Lane is an invitation to meditation. With its smooth lines and clean design, its cushion for the neck and matching footrest, this chair provides cozy comfort ideal for reading or simply resting. Exactly what I need right now. The Lane Armchair is available for 437 euros.

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog

Lane Armchair by Busk + Hertzog1

It has a very simple design and it comes in two color options for you to choose from: red and black, the perfect couple. The thin feet might not look very stable but they are actually very durable since they are made of steel. The chair is not only comfortable but also very good-looking. I can imagine myself sitting on that chair, relaxing every muscle in my body and listening to good music. It’s heaven. But unfortunately it’s also an illusion because I’m still here, writing this article. But you don’t have to suffer, you can enjoy a relaxing time by purchasing this extremely comfortable chair.

Vermelha Chair Special Edition by Edra

Made from five hundred meters of acrylic and cotton rope that were weaved together to create this piece, this chair is not by any means traditional. The design includes the three colors of Italy’s national flag. The Vermelha Chair Special Edition by Edra is an Italian Pride Edition and it features a gorgeous and colorful look.


It’s not every day that you see such a chair. It looks very…tangled and uncoordinated but in reality it’s very well organized. It’s a very modern and unusual homage that designer has created as a way to celebrate his country. A nice gesture.

However I’m not sure how many people from other countries would like to have a chair-shaped Italian flag in their home. But that’s another story. I don’t think anyone even thought about this when the chair was created, so why bother.{found on mocoloco}

Armchair 090923-05 by Luis Garrido Vázquez

To be comfortable, a chair must not only be well designed, constructed and padded, but also it must be fairly large. As few people can afford the space for a large suite of furniture, armchairs become increasingly smaller.

Luis Garrido Vázquez has made a modern armchair which was inspired by the waves of the sea and the flames of the fire. Built in aluminum structure, on stainless steel base, covered with high density latex and lined with leather or cloth of different colors. These chairs have a very interesting design. They remind me of the crane and the way it sits in just one leg, managing to keep its balance in a very amazing way.

If you’re worried you might fall of this chair, there’s no reason for you to do that. Even if it seems like the chair only sits on one legs, it is actually very stable because of the pyramidal base. The colors used are very bright and happy. They would instantly cheer you up.

The CH1 Chair by Fruitsuper Design

Designed by Fruitsuper Design, the CH1 Chair is a straight forward lounge chair which combines in a very nice way the materials creating an elegant piece of furniture. Using powder-coated steel tubing and maple with a soap finish, the CH1 chair is the first furniture piece by Fruitsuper Design. We hope that there will be many more, because this is a very good start.

The CH1 Chair by Fruitsuper Design2

It’s not the most interesting chair, but for a first try is more than we could have expected. It a sort of chair combined with a lounge chair, the result being a more comfortable piece of furniture that, in the same time, conserves the classic look. It’s not very risky but still, it has something special, a modern twist distinguishes this piece from all the other ones .It’s a simple piece that would very well fit in a traditional home as well as in a modern one. It’s somewhere at the barrier between the two worlds.

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