Sofa and Chair

Stylish Launch Chairs

Deconet presents stylish launch chairs, which are designed by Hans J. Wegner. Wegner is a popular Dutch designer and his art works are highly appreciated all round the world. These stylish yet sleek chairs are very good looking with white cushions on its top perfect for resting on a beach side. The chairs are foldable and therefore can be easily carried for small trips and outings.

When you first look at this chair, it doesn’t seem very special, except for the strange shape. It’s a simple chair indeed. It has a strange structure, because it’s a very low chair. But this only makes it more comfortable. The idea was to design a chair that would be very comfortable and versatile, and that has a design that allows it to be incorporated in any type of home, regardless of the style. So whether you have a traditional, vintage, modern or contemporary home, this chair doesn’t mind. It’s a friendly chair that would make a great addition to any home.

It’s also a versatile design because it has be used indoors, in the living room, or outdoors, on the terrace or in a protected area, so that it doesn’t get ruined. It has a wood structure and some very soft and comfortable cushions. It’s a great chair, perfect for relaxation outdoors, maybe on the beach side where the sun can touch your skin and where you can feel the breeze of the ocean.Available for 1125$.

Vespa Chairs by bel&bel

The ‘vespa chair’ looks strange as this Spanish design from bel&bel is made from original pieces which is put on the chair from a famous scooter from Piaggio called the Vespa. This limited edition rotating chair uses the front shield of the vespa scooter. Upholstered in leather this chair has a strong interior structure along with a hydrolic piston for regulating the height.


The fact that it’s made from actual pieces from a scooter that also gives the name of this creation, makes it very interesting and unique. However, I can’t understand how this makes the chair any better in terms of design and comfort. It actually looks less attractive because of the front shield of the scooter that was incorporated in the design. So I don’t see the point of doing that.

It’s a clever and ingenious idea, but it doesn’t really bring anything new and exciting in terms of design and functionality. To me, this is just another chair with a strange shape. However, I have to admit that it looks very comfortable. But this is how almost all desk or office chairs look like and most of them really are extremely comfortable.  So besides the innovation in terms of image and shape, there’s nothing special about this chair. Anyway, if you want something that gives you a subject for conversation, this chair could be a good choice.

Comfortable armchairs

The idea behind the design of this good-looking armchair with chrome leather covering is actually very simple. Nevertheless, at the same time the chair has a great comfortable seating with the arm part of the chair that is also covered with the black chrome leather. The exact measurements of this armchair are not yet known apart from the height, which is around 35 inches.


This is a manly design for a chair. I say that because it has that robust look that only men seem to like. And it has those storage spaces on the sides, for magazines or for the remote control so that the user won’t have to get up for anything. It’s a lazy design if you ask me. And the color is not attractive at all.

It looks very comfortable but it also looks ugly. There’s nothing stylish about this chair. Not even the legs. Nevertheless, it has a common design. This means that something must be really good about this chair, otherwise people would stop buying them. So I guess it must be really comfortable and functional. And once you realize that, it start to look less ugly and it becomes more and more attractive. Now, that I’m looking at it again, it doesn’t look that bad. It would make a nice addition to a living room, regardless of the style. It’s a combination between old, traditional and modern.

Beauty of a Gaia Chairs

This cool stuff named as the Gaia Chair was on the display at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, which has displayed a number of innovative interior furniture. This one is designed by Tuyo Design‘s Maria Margarita Garcia Munzer and Pal Jacob Jacobson and the chair looks very refreshing with its natural look and color. As there are some protrusions at its back, which resembles the shape of birds and leafs.


It’s a very creative and artistic design that manages to bring some natural flavor to your home. It would have been even more interesting to include real flowers, leaves and birds but it would have been impossible, especially when it comes to birds. So I think this is a very nice reproduction.

Other than those details on the back, the chair has a very simple and standard design. It’s the classic shape of the chair, with 4 legs and a seat cushion plus the back. The lines are clean and simple and there are no additional details like sculptures or patterns of the wood. The wood hasn’t even been painted so it has a very nice natural color. This, together with the natural theme represented on the back, makes a really nice combination. The seat cushion has those parallel colorful lines like the old chairs used to have. I still have some of those pieces and I can really see the similarities. But this one has a very subtle modern touch, with the back legs leaning a little and with the colorful design on the back.

Curved Chairs

Kataoka design studio has launched an innovative chair by the name “O&O Seat Chair.” The new design is a seating concept, which helps the user to stretch their legs in comfort as the chair allows an open and relaxed space suitable for this. The characteristic curves are the ones from where this chair gets its name. The curves take the shape of two “O”s.

Curved Chairs1

It’s an ingenious idea and I really like it, especially because comfort is the primary issue considered here. Some people really have a problem with the classic chair design. They just don’t seem to make up their mind when it comes to finding t comfortable sitting position. They have a problem deciding what to do with their legs because they feel the need to place them somewhere and they don’t know where. But this design allow the user to stretch the legs in order to feel more comfortable. The chair also has a very nice curved shape for even more comfort.

The only disadvantage is the fact the chair is very low, since it has no legs, so it might make you feel awkward sitting there when everybody else is taller than you. Plus it’s too low to allow you to use the coffee table, unless it’s a low one. But other than that I think It’s a very beautiful, modern and very comfortable furniture piece.

Innovative multipurpose design

This innovative design is a comfortable sculpture having compact volume, which can be useful as nice seat, a compact table, magazine stand, or even as a bag stand. It is made out of polyethylene by the method of rotational molding. This multi functional furniture is suitable for outdoor use, as it is not affected by natural forces like rain or sunlight and will not tarnish.

Innovative multipurpose design

Versatile furniture pieces are very appreciated especially by those who own small apartments where space is a problem. So multi-purpose pieces like this one are a very good choice because they allows you to save a lot of space and still be able to enjoy everything you need.

So when you need an extra seat for your guests, just use this piece. And if later you’ll be having trouble finding a small coffee table, flip the chair and there it is. And when the guests are gone and you no longer need the chair or the table, it only takes you a minute to turn this piece into a storage space for your magazines or for the bags. It’s such a functional furniture piece and it has such a simple design. It’s colored in red to make it stand out and to add some fun and color to your interior design. But if don’t like the color and you want something more quiet, it’s also available in a nice tone of grey and in two different tones of red.

Sporty ‘R15’chairs

Redo studios have introduced the new very sporty looking luxurious chairs which make a comfortable place for a user who wants to take rest in style. Sitting on this chair one gets a feeling of going on a luxurious flight. The chair has broad armrests with soft, wide, and deep seat like an inflatable sofa. The whole structure is made intact on the floor by trendy leg buckles made of chrome-plated metal, which can also be used as a foot rest.


This chair comes in three different color options: black, white and yellow. As the name suggests, it has a very sporty design that makes it hard for the owner to match it with the other furniture pieces already existent in the house. It’s not a common style among furniture designs so might be a difficult process. But every problem has a solution so if you really like this chair and you really want it in your house, you’ll figure out something.


The first things that comes in my mind when I’m looking at this chair, is that it must be a really comfortable armchair. You could even fall asleep on that chair and you would still be comfortable. I think it’s a beautiful chair. It’s modern and it has nice soft lines. But it’s also kind of big so make sure you have enough space in the room before purchasing it.

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