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New sofas design from Roche Bobois

There is lots of weight relating to a sofa. Essentially, it is probably the most required piece of furniture in a residence, other than the beds. The sofa is where families and/ or relatives assemble to settle down, watch television, play computer games, and the like. They are all beautiful, they are all hot. This new sofas design collection signed by Roche Bobois is very clean and simple with a dominance of white. As always with Roche Bobois furniture are staged in beautiful contemporary interiors. I let you enjoy the photo gallery.

The living room is the most important room in the house because usually it’s the place where family members and friends gather to chat or simply to spend some time together. So it’s important to have a very comfortable sofa. As the bed is the most important furniture from the bedroom and it even contributed to its name, the sofa is the most important furniture piece from the living room, because that’s the place where you spend most of your time.

So it’s not easy to choose the right design. Here are some ideas and suggestions that might help you in the process of redecoration. Take a look and maybe you’ll find something you like. The examples presented here have various shapes, sizes and designs. Some are more simple, other more colorful, some are more modern than others, but each one of them is beautiful and very comfortable.

La Michetta Modular Blocks from Meritalia

La Michetta is a name of an inexpensive Milanese bread and the designer Meritalia seems to have drawn design inspiration from the same. These modular blocks may appear ordinary TOFU to you but these blocks offer the owner a chance to be the designer himself. Each block belongs to a mass produced unit but carries its own individual characteristic.

Each of the La Michetta block is made from polyurethane and fiber fill, and then upholstered in cotton. La Michetta offers you the ideal chance of getting creative with your living spaces and you surely require no designers diploma to get going.


Decorative Floral Print Chairs from Floral Art

The atmosphere in modern house today is largely defined by the decorative fabrics, which are applied in the form of curtains, decorative pillows, table mats, seating furniture, armchair and chair linings and similar. If you want to create an garden atmosphere in your house, you should look at this Orange Poppy Flower Power, Coral Poppy Flower Power and Yellow Poppy Flower Power floral print chairs. These decorative chairs comes from Floral Art in a variety of  color combination and print. Measure 18 1/2”W x 22”L x 39”H, and retail for $1,500.

The price is kind of high, considering that it’s just a chair. But I have to admit that the design is really interesting and attractive. I like the shape of these chairs, especially the round one. The lines are very beautiful and the chairs would make a great addition to a living room, dining room or kitchen.

The most important feature about the chairs is that floral design. There are two options for the chairs: the rectangular seat and the round seat. And in terms of pattern and colors there are also two options: the white design, with the exception of the colors which are brightly colored, and the one with the leaves painted on the cushion. Each one of them is beautiful in its own way. Choose the one that better fits you or combine them.

Contempo Andromeda Ottoman, Leather from Italy

Contempo is famous for coming up with some exclusive leather upholstered products and its latest offering is the Andromeda Ottoman which was handmade and hand-finished in Italy.

Here again the product has been leather upholstered and the luxurious hide used hails from Europe. It is easy to asses the quality of craftsmanship from the way the stitching, studding and finishing has been done. The designers from Contempo strive for elegance, ultimate comfort and impeccable style and this product certainly reflects those design traits.

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to chairs and stools. But there’s also room for more. Someone always seems to come up with something new, even if it’s not completely original because it’s almost impossible to manage to do that.

These ottomans are, as you can imagine, very comfortable. They are soft and cozy and perfect for any occasion. Also, they have an elegant look, whether they come is fabric or leather finish. They are so soft that you want to use them as pillows. They would look great in any home, whether it’s traditional or modern. They are very versatile and very functional as well. Ottomans are usually kept for their playful and cozy look, as decorations and as extra seats for situations when guests come over. So it seems like they are pretty important furniture items.

Playful and Colorful Splash Stool

Nowadays multifunctional furniture is becoming a trend, especially if you live in a small home or apartment, you know how important storage can be. Look for furniture with hidden storage like pull-out couches with under space for storing bed linens or ottomans with compartments for tucking away remote controls and television guides.Designed by Australian designer Kristian, the Splash stool is what you need.Created for an manufacturer B-line, the stools are playful and very useful like containers.

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to chairs and stools. But there’s also room for more. Someone always seems to come up with something new, even if it’s not completely original because it’s almost impossible to manage to do that. These stools are very playful, colorful and fun. But they also very functional, as you’ve already seen. They also look safe and child-friendly so they would make a great addition to the children’s room. I’m sure the kids would love these stools. And there are plenty color options to choose from, like while, red, green, blue, brown or purple. Combine them to create a more dynamic and playful look.

These stools are functional I two different ways. First of all, they are great seats, beautiful, fun and comfortable. And they are also storage spaces when not used, so this is a big advantage, compared to the other stool designs. Usually these are used mostly when guests come over and after they leave they just take space. So that problem is not solved.

Modular Sofa by Stephane Perruchon

Sofas aren’t space occupants in your living area anymore and they do offer a lot of functionality compared to the old times. This modular sofa by Stephane Perruchon is a good example of how it can be more functional by offering spaces for eating and stacking books. This sofa can be a great grab for a house where a corner seating arrangement is required.

Also dubbed the Slim, the modular sofa is finished using leather of Alcantara and that gives this seating arrangement a very trendy look overall. Since the design is modular and it can eliminate the need of tables, Slim can fit into office receptions almost effortlessly.

Inno Sofa for a Summerhouse in Finland

Pierre Lescop is a France designed who came up with this great sofa idea for a Summerhouse in Finland. Pierre had to bear in mind the affinity of the Finnish towards the nature hence; he had to come up with a design that was good enough for both the indoor and the outdoor usage. The final product after many months of work obviously was light enough making it easily movable and useful.

Inno Sofa it looks like a perfect sofa, but in its original form the Inno sofa is more of a bench that can be easily shifted. An attraction is the secondary seats which are removable and can be taken anywhere as small benches. The removable seats make it easy to tidy up under the sofa.From pictures the sofa looks comfortable and resistant to rain and wind if you are going to use for outdoor.The couch  can be a good accessory for your porch house.

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