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Rocks Rug by Carmen Stallbaumer

I like simple things and most of the times simple is even more beautiful than all those things that are very rich in textures and patterns, that are too many and too tiring. This applies to everything from clothes to carpets and furniture. This Rocks Rug by Carmen Stallbaumer is perfect for any living room, in a modern home or a traditional one. The design is simple and minimalist, but shows good taste and the designer, Carmen Stallbaumer, made it for Design Carpets of Germany.


Beautiful Blue Seagull Rug

Our planet is covered with water more than two thirds, so many people live near the water permanently, on the beach or on the seashore. Especially now, in summer, when people are on holiday and the weather is really fine out there, we feel so nice near the water. That is why the beach is the favourite holiday destination for many people. But if you want to have this feeling in your home all year long, you can get one of these beautiful Beautiful Blue Seagull Rugs. The rug is simple in design and you can see the light blue background of the rug and the white silhouettes of the seagulls.

This combination of colours is very interesting and it also offers the sensation of space. If you place the rug near a big window it will be even more obvious that it gives a large perspective and makes the room “breathe”. The back of the rug is in the same colours, except the fact that the seagulls are blue and the background white. Any way, the rug is not very large, having just 4’x6′, but it would be perfect for the kids’ room or the living room. The rug is now available on B.B. Begonia for $48.

Lusy Blom Kids Rug from IKEA

I think all people should be careful when it comes to kids’ safety. For example I think it is better to have a thick rug in the kids room in order to protect them from the coldness of the floor, especially if you live in a place where the floor is in direct contact with a cold surface or the ground. Any way, the kids room should be colourful and full of life, just like the kids. So I think this Lusy Blom Kids Rug from IKEA is just perfect. First of all it has a very simple and colourful design that the children adore.


Green Aydin Rug

I will have to admit that rugs were never my strong point. It’s not like I don’t like them, because I do but probably because I have some prejudices regarding carpets. In my opinion a carpet should be used in places that are a little bit more intimate, because you can benefit from their warmth and the tingling sensation when you walk barefoot.For me a rug is a very personal thing not because means something but because I’m in a special emotional sequence when I walk on them.

The bedroom was the closest example I could get and the one with the most arguments. I love waking up in the morning before my girlfriends and go to the bathroom, wash up, etc. Then I’ll make a sandwich or a breakfast in bed and bring it to her, and then lay down holding her in my arms while watching TV. As you can probably tell I become another person that loves intimacy and warm snuggling places.


Vintage Navajo Style Runner

If you know a bit of history than you can’t help feeling sorry for the poor Native Americans because they were the ones suffering on their own land. Well, they are worth to be admired because they have preserved their traditions and values despite all odds. That is why i think it is a good thing to promote their style in such fields as rug manufacturing for example. They have been famous for making beautiful rugs that were embellished with amazing traditional Native American patterns that have been transmitted from generation to generation. This Vintage Navajo Style Runner is the perfect illustration and it is simply gorgeous.

This runner is flat and weaved by hand, decorated in a nice Navajo style design , looking great on the floor or on the wall. Even if this item is vintage, it is original and modern, too, as modernism intends to keep something of the old ages, making them show a different face. The beautiful combination of colours – red, black and white and a bit of grey every once in a while, makes you think that the Navajo people were first artists and then fighters. Any way , the runner is in excellent condition and can now be purchased for just $115 from High Street market.

The cross stitch-inspired Canevas Collection by Charlotte Lancelot

The Belgium designer Charlotte Lancelot impressed us with embroidered rugs presented at Salone del Mobile, 2012 during Milan Design Week. They were a modern reinterpretation of an otherwise old technique usually seen is decorations and accessories. This technique was basically reinvented and transposed on a series of new surfaces. The same designer is now back with a bigger collection.

This is the Canevas Collection. It was designed for Spanish brand Gan Rugs and this time it includes, besides rugs, a series of cushions and modular or soft poufs. The same technique was used to create a series of cross stitch-inspired pieces featuring abstract patterns. These designs have a dual look. On one hand, they feature vintage patterns that remind us old times. However, on the other hand, this is a modern reinterpretation of those patterns featuring an innovative technique. So even though the starting point and the inspiration are old, the results are new and innovative.


Black Fluffy Carpet from Modani

People first used animal skins as rugs in order to keep the cave floor warm and their feet protected. And it felt great. Animal skins were soft and warm, nice to touch, too. I guess after such a long time we still keep a bit of that primary feeling within us because everybody likes a soft fluffy rug even if it is now placed on the floor of a luxury house or flat. However, these rugs are now made of different materials like nylon in order to be cleaned easily and also to resist in any kind of traffic in the house without getting worn or having the hair fall like animal skins did.


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