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Flower Box Cotton Hooked Rug

Everybody loves flowers and you will certainly see a floral pattern everywhere , for example on rugs and carpets, dresses, bedding, wallpaper and so on. Flowers are delicate and beautiful and they suggest beauty and delicacy. So the floral pattern is very popular and fits any home, whether modern or classic, minimalist or baroque style. This Flower Box Cotton Hooked Rug is relatively simple in design, but very beautiful, with a strong visual impact. First of all the rug is made of cotton, which makes it pretty nice and the choice of many people because cotton is a natural fiber and also non allergenic.

Then there’s the model on the rug: it is carefully divided into squares that have each a flower in the middle. Of course the flower is stylized in design and you will only see the petals and a few leaves. The colours used in designing the rug are very warm and nice, bringing peace and quiet and also a feeling of warmth in any room. Each product is hand made and, even if the model if the same and the same colours are used, each rug will be unique because when you make it by hand there are small differences between them. The rug is available in a variety of sizes for prices between $104 and $2,420.

Dual Striped Rug

Stripes are nice when you put them on a piece of fabric and use them as a modern pattern. Look at the American flag! Stripes look even better on a curved woman, but they look at their best on a rug in the middle of your dining room or living room. So if you want to bring some life and colour to your otherwise pretty dull home, all that you have to do is get this beautiful Dual Striped Rug. Actually this rug has a very interesting pattern with stripes: half of the stripes are white while the others are colours in halves – half of them is turquoise while the other half is dark grey.

This combination of colours and stripes makes a very interesting visual effect and it will be a funny and lively pattern for any home. You will simple need to get this rug in the middle of a totally boring room and the effect will be immediate. The rug is made of cotton and has stitched edges, which makes it look so natural and loose. This woven rug is crafted by those from Assembly Home and it is sold for $89 on their web site.

5 Tips For Using Patterns That Match With Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are something that will probably be around for a long time. They have become popular quickly and they are very appreciated all over the world. Also, they are very durable and they last for a lifetime and more. But they are also difficult to integrate in an ever changing décor. So what exactly can we do to match and pair them with the rest of our furniture? Here are a few ideas.

1. A constant color theme.

An effective way of integrating an oriental rug in a space such as the living room for example is to use patterns in the same color family. Try to maintain a uniform visual effect. In this case we have a rug with blue and brown shades. Notice that the pillows and the artwork have been chosen to match those colors. It’s simple and it’s effective.


Manuscrit Rug

“Manuscrit” is the French word for “manuscript” and it comes from two Latin words, meaning written by hand. Each person’s writing is different from the other and shows special individual particularities. Starting from this the designer Joaquim Ruiz Millet created this beautiful Manuscrit Rug for Nani Marquina. This is part of Nani Marquina’s collection Black and White that tries to show contrasts and beauty. Being also a writer, Joaquim Ruiz Millet used an actual paper of one of his manuscripts, written in Catalan, his native language.


Which is the perfect rug for you?

Carpets are a delight for our feet. When you come home tired from spending all day on high heels, touching the fluffy carpet in your living room is the most awesome feeling ever. For me it works, I start feeling less tired when my feet feel good. That`s why, choosing your perfect rug is a hard thing to do. You have to think about the opinions of all the members of your family, but usually, the women are those who say the last word. That`s why carpets are always the last ones bought. Because they have to match with the furniture and they have to remain like the day you brought them home.

But, if you are opened to new ideas, you should try the new models of rugs that appeared on the market.They are innovative, funny and a delight to your feet. Just like a carpet should be. We will show you some models. For example, these 100 pieces of nice hand-tufted wood rugs by Gan Rugs, put together make an amazing way to hide the stains on your first carpet. And you will also give your home a nice look. It`s called the Championes rug and can also chose the rectangular or perfect round pieces.


Orange Coral Rug

Designers use their imagination to make a living, so it is not very important for them if they design clothes or home accessories because they use creativity anyway, they just need to adjust their products to the target they aim. This happened with Thomas Paul, too, as he started his life as a designer of clothes in New York, this cosmopolitan and sophisticated city that makes it almost the center of the world. He ended up designing home items like this beautiful Orange Coral Rug and he did both parts of the job very well, with maximum seriousness and creativity.

This beautiful rug is very sweet and nice, though having a simple design. There is an orange coral against a beige background, the pattern making it the centerpiece of your living room. The rug is entirely hand made and also woven by hand and the wool used comes from New Zealand, which is in itself a guarantee for quality. The rug is made in India, but it is afterwards shipped all over the world. Initially the rug was available in three sizes, but now there is only one size still available for purchasing online (8′ x 11′) and its price is about $814.

Rocks Rug by Carmen Stallbaumer

I like simple things and most of the times simple is even more beautiful than all those things that are very rich in textures and patterns, that are too many and too tiring. This applies to everything from clothes to carpets and furniture. This Rocks Rug by Carmen Stallbaumer is perfect for any living room, in a modern home or a traditional one. The design is simple and minimalist, but shows good taste and the designer, Carmen Stallbaumer, made it for Design Carpets of Germany.


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