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New Wave Area Rug from Heywood-Wakefield

I am sure many people still love all the works of Pablo Picasso and many other modern painters. Well, this kind of vision has also been used for designing carpets and rugs. Heywood-Wakefield is one of the companies that dared manufacture and produce such modern rugs. I personally love these New Wave Area Rugs from Heywood-Wakefield because they are unique and distinct and very beautiful indeed. These rugs are hand-tufted, which is quite similar to the hand knotted process, yet a bit different, too. However, they are still hand made and require quite a lot of skills. This feature makes the rug be thick and comfortable and people love that.

Well I love the design and I would love to have such a rug in my home. But apart from this there are also a lot of other options, too. For example you can choose from many sizes in order to make the rug fit your room perfectly. So you can have the exact same design in a very small rug and in a huge one, too. Then you can choose the shape – whether you like a square one, a round one or maybe a rectangular rug in the living room. Of course prices are very different depending on all these variables. So they range between $89 to $1199.

Ferris Rug from West Elm

Rugs are very useful, as they cover the floor and keep it warm for your feet. So when you walk around the house you do not catch a cold. Rugs also insulate the floor very well and do not let the cold air from under the floor (for example the air coming from an empty room downstairs) enter the room and make it cold. But when you want to buy a rug you just want it to be thick and soft and to look fine. The rug design is very important, as you need to like it and to make sure it fits the overall design and style of your home. That is why the different shades of brown are very popular, since most furniture is brown or black in colour. The Ferris Rug from West Elm has a very nice design with dots and geometricla shapes and also a nice and comforting colour – cafe au lait.


Color your kid’s childhood with the Camille Rug

The Camille Rug is a unique product hand made of New Zealand and Indian wools, that goes perfectly in the children bedroom. It comes in three sizes and it’s as soft as the grass due to its cut and looped yarns. The rug is suitable for little children because its texture is similar to plush so they won’t be scratching their knees after sitting and playing on it like they would do with a normal rug.

The model inspired by nature brings into your mind the feeling of freedom without any worries and brings peace into your heart. It’s like being in the middle of the forest glade, surrounded by all the flowers and the butterflies in the world. This is possible because the main color of the rug is lavender while the butterflies and flowers are in different shades of pink.


Lil Mo Whimsy Ladybird Rug for Kids

Children’ s world is a unique and incredible place where they live together with little insects and animals in the forest of the furniture legs. They all crawl on the floor and discover the world around them, the small universe that we call home. That is why they need thick rugs and carpets to protect them from the coldness of the floor and to prevent them from scratching their knees and elbows. But you should also consider the rug design because kids love funny patterns and vivid colours, animals and critters and plants on the rugs. I think this nice Lil Mo Whimsy Ladybird Rug for Kids meets all the requests.

First of all it is thick and great for little feet. Than it has a great and attractive design with long curly leaves and tree branches and also little ladybirds spread all over the rug. Their red and black shapes come in a pleasant contrast with the faded green background suggesting a forest or garden. The rug is hand-tufted and made of soft mod-acrylic, protective for the children. It is hand-carved  in the relief patterns areas and this  adds texture. You can purchase this product from ABC Carpet & Home for a price between $59 and %699, depending on the size you choose.

Colorful tapestry wall hanging art

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the item that we’re going to present next, but in some regions it used to be very popular and it was almost as common as a regular rug. This is a tapestry wall hanging, the type of ornamental art that you can have on your wall. It’s an unusual item but in the right décor it can make a really beautiful addition.

This eye-catching item would look wonderful in a home with a southwest décor but you can also play with styles and patterns and create a more modern home for it. It’s made of 100% cotton and it’s fully backed with a sewn rod pocket that makes it easier to hang on the wall. The rod and tassels are not included. This is a jacquard wove and hand finished product and it features a very interesting pattern.

Because it’s a hand-made product and because it involves lots of colors and materials such as cotton, the actual product after weaving may have more subtle colors and details and it could also slightly differ from the one shown in the picture. This is an Indian-style item but it’s manufactured in the USA, not by Indians. The dimensions of the product are 41″W x 53″H. It weights 3,2 lbs and it costs $170.00.

Goa Rug

I don’t know if you noticed that but I think most furniture is designed to have a natural colour, very close to beige and brown. The colour may range from very light beige and cream to dark brown, but it still remains in this area. My own furniture is brown and I remember when I went to buy a nice carpet for my living room, I had to look for some colours that match my furniture because blue for example will not go with it at all. That is why the guys who designed Goa Rug thought it would be a good idea to manufacture this rug in similar tones. So now you have Goa Rug in Light Beige Mocha.

The design of this rug tries to combine a tradition style with contemporary tendencies and the result is amazing. You can see big floral patterns intertwined with geometrical ones and I admit it works like a charm. As I said the design is pretty unique and each rug is special, as it is hand washed, hand finished and hand tufted in India. As all great rugs this one, too, is made of wool and what better place to find premium quality wool than New Zealand? It is perfect for any home, be it modern or just classic and you can choose your preferred size for a price ranging from $79.00 – $1,119.00.

The Daphne Persian-style rug

When you look at a room and you can’t get over the feeling that something is missing, maybe it’s because of the rug. A rug can really change the whole look and atmosphere of a room. Any space is more warm and cozy when there’s a rug on the floor. For those who prefer something more traditional, we found something that you might like.

This is Daphne, a very beautiful rug with a Persian design. The Daphne rug is woven of pure wool and it features beautiful tones of mocha, coral and moss. The Daphne rug is hand tufted of pure wool and luster washed for a rich color and a silky feel. It has also been yarn-dyed for a more vibrant and lasting color. The Daphne rug is made of 100% wool and it has rich colors and a very beautiful look. It features cotton canvas/synthetic latex hacked that provides a more durable and flexible backing that also reduces odor and extends the rug’s life. It doesn’t present a risk to those with latex allergies and it doesn’t dry out or break down over time either.


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