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“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s what you’ll find as the underlying stylistic theme in this section of Office articles on Homedit. Whether you’re carving out a tiny desk in a closet or have the opportunity to overhaul an entire space to become the office of your dreams, you’re going to love these Office-related photos and articles.

30 Best Glam, Girly, Feminine Workspace Design Ideas

I think we can all agree that men and women have different ideas of what a workspace should look like. If you take a look at a shared office space where both sexes are working, you’ll see that women tend to add all sorts of decorations to their area in an effort to make it look more homey and more pleasant whereas men focus more on the functionality. Still, you can’t judge a book by its cover so there are, of course, exceptions.

The table and the chair are the only furniture pieces here while the rest is just accessorizing

Today we’re going to focus more on feminine workspace designs and we’re going to explore this particular side of the décor. The examples that follow include workspace designs for all tastes and preferences. Some are small, some are large, some are pink and cute while some are more elegant and serious. Regardless of that, they all share in common a certain chic look and a delicate feel.


Combine The Coziness Of A Home With The Functionality Of A Workspace

It’s difficult to say how the ideal office interior should look like. The general belief is that it should be somewhere between a home and an office, that it should feel cozy and inviting but it should also be functional and efficient. Basically, it should look somewhat like this.

These are the offices of FINE Design Group. Located in Portland, Oregon, the offices have been designed by Boora Architects who tried to incorporate the best of both worlds in this space. in other words, the offices are a mix of elements usually found in a home with elements from a regular office.


Motivational Posters That Will Get You Through A Harsh Day At The Office

Lots of people like having motivational posters in their offices because it gives them the kick they need when they get annoyed or disappointed by the progress on a certain project. It’s a nice way of regaining trust in yourself and a great trick for being more productive and efficient.Of course, something like this would look awesome in a home office or even above the desk in a tiny workspace.

“Make It Happen Today” – Available for 18$.

Very positive and colorful, this poster can definitely be a focal point in the office

Motivational posters have all sorts of inspirational messages on them. They range from serious to funny or from classical to unusual. Not only that they inspire you to get things done but they also look good in an office.


The [e-spres-oh] office from Timișoara, Romania – a design based on creativity, comfort and efficiency

The days when an office was a cold, grey and uninviting space that you wish you could avoid will soon be long gone as even smaller countries like Romania are beginning to understand that the key to a perfect office interior is balance. This is the [e-spres-oh] office, a project from Timișoara, Romania. It was  designed by our friends, Ezzo Design and the main focus here was to create a work environment that would feel inviting, comfortable and beautiful and where employees could be productive.

The idea behind the project was to maximize not only productivity but also creativity. This space was designed as a studio where software developers working here can come to brainstorm, relax and to come up with new ideas for improving their efficiency. Although it’s an office, this space feels very warm, inviting and relaxing.


Workspace Magic: Creative but Practical Desk Ideas

How many times have you gone to your desk only to find that it is covered in pens, USBs, manuals and paper? Alternatively, how many times have you gone to your desk to discover that you can’t find a pen at all? Organisation is a funny thing. There are those of us who just put things here, there and everywhere. And then there are those of us who have the knack for making things disappear.


Wood Paneling Adds Elegance And Warmth To Your Home Office

A while ago we talked about the versatility of wood paneling and the numerous ways in which it can be used throughout the house. Today we’re going to focus more on the office and we’re going to see how wood paneling can change the atmosphere here, making the room feel more inviting and cozy but also more elegant and refined.

This is a traditional home office where the walls, ceiling and floor are covered in wood

Wood is a very beautiful material and very versatile as well. It can be used for a variety of diverse projects. In interior design, wooden furniture and flooring are the most common.


Industrial Home Office Designs For A Simple And Professional Look

An industrial-style interior design is always special because it has a very unique look and atmosphere. This is a style that doesn’t suit all the rooms of a home but which can be beautifully used in a person’s favor in certain cases. The home office is one of the rooms that could greatly benefit from such an interior design. By using an industrial style when decorating this space, you instantly give it a more professional look even without trying.

Combine wood with metal and create a harmonious décor

In order to achieve such a décor, there are several options you can follow. For example, you can create a very simple and classical interior design for your home office and only give it an industrial feel with the help of accessories and accent pieces.


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