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“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s what you’ll find as the underlying stylistic theme in this section of Office articles on Homedit. Whether you’re carving out a tiny desk in a closet or have the opportunity to overhaul an entire space to become the office of your dreams, you’re going to love these Office-related photos and articles.

Google’s Madrid Headquarters – A Playful Mix Of Colors And Geometric Shapes

We already have a pretty complete list of Google offices and headquarters which we have analyzed so far and today we’re adding to that list one more beautiful example. It’s the Madrid headquarters and it was a project by London practice Jump Studios. The office occupies two floors of Torre Picasso and features a colorful interior.

As expected, the space is defined by flexibility and functionality. The client requested a friendly and also unique workspace that would also reference the local charm. The architects came up with a playful, color-coded design. The lower level contains the reception area, the lecture area, the theatre and the canteen as well as an office space. The kitchen is surrounded by a cork wall with storage shelves and cabinets.


Turn a Closet or Cupboard into a Workstation

If you have some space in your closet or cupboard that you don’t need, don’t let it go to waste. You could turn it into a small home office! Here are some tips.

Use the Shelves.

Make Use of Shelf Space

The most important part of transforming a closet into a workstation is to make use of shelves. If you don’t have any, install them. This is where you can store all your important work-related items, and even a small laptop or computer screen if these are what you need. Make sure you only store what’s really important as you don’t want to create clutter.


How to Optimize Storage in a Home Office

Working from home can seem like a dream come true. But if you have a cluttered office space with no organization or storage/’\\[-, it can quickly become a nightmare. Creating a home office where you can stay inspired and productive can be one of the most important factors to your success. Here are a few tips for creating an organized space.

Think Floor to Ceiling.


When you think of office storage, your brain likely goes right to desk drawers and boxes. But if you want to utilize your entire space, you need to think bigger. Tall bookcases or floating shelves above your desk can give you plenty of additional storage without sacrificing too much floor space and making the room feel too cramped.


The New Game Studio 2o Office Has A Spaceship-Like Interior

Innovation is a key feature in interior design so it’s always interesting and fun to see corporate offices and their new designs. Today we’re going to take a look at the new office of Game Studio 2o. It was a project by Ezzo Design and it’s located in Timisoara, Romania. It’s indeed a remarkable space with an unconventional look and layout.

But let’s learn more about what seems to be a spaceship-themed office. It’s reminiscent of TV series like Star Trek or Star Wars without having anything specific borrowed from there. What’s even more interesting about this office is that it actually combines the sci-fi-inspired elements with details inspired by nature and it also has a sustainable side to it as well.


Efficient and Stylish Small Home Offices

When we think of a traditional home office, we might think of a room in the corner of the house full of heavy wood furniture and book-filled shelves. A lone desk lamp is likely perched atop a large desk, and a window is there almost as an after-thought.

If this is your idea of a home office, I have good news for you – those days are long gone! Home offices can be (and, to the extent possible, should be) bright, cheerful, stylish, and functional all at once.


16 Square Meters Used At Their Best In A Parisian Workspace

We used to think that 30 square meters were very little space for basically anything but then we found this place. It’s an attic space found in Paris, France. Attics are already difficult to work with because of the slanted ceiling so imagine such a space measuring only 16 square meters. Theoretically, there’s not much you can do with such a little space. But still, here it is.

This attic was transformed into a very nice workspace. The layout is not exactly what you might call great. The bathroom and the kitchen are practically one and the same and this is a big disadvantage but other than that the space was used nicely.


The Sleekest & Brightest White Office Chairs

Your home office should be just as inspirational, if not more so, than a away from the house cubicle at a multi-person space. Pristine and ready to be used, nothing says wow like a bright and white office chair sitting at the desk.

From the most eclectic and funky of rooms to the most modern, contemporary space, we’ve compiled some amazing white chairs to start off your search or start off your redecorating! Make your home office shine with one of these beauties, open your mind and allow us to inspire you today!


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