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Lovely Computer Desk/Table Armoire

Today we would like to present you a beautiful piece of furniture that will give a plus of flavor to your space. The Furinno Computer Desk/Table Armoire is a great element for any home. Not only does it provide space for all your computer elements, but it also keeps them hidden.

A good desk is able to create a good mood and contribute to successful and fruitful work. The Furinno Armoire can provide all of this for you and your family. With its simple and functional, attractive design this piece of furniture is great for your home office space. Moreover it features a pull out keyboard drawer, CPU and printer storage areas. Made out of engineered particleboard with commercial grade laminate PU paper this desk is easy to maintain and can perfectly integrate in your current design. Furthermore, you can order it online for $49.99 at only one dimension that is 31.69″l x 31.69″h x 23.94″d. This lovely piece can also be used for something else, like hiding your kid clutter in the storage area and putting your laptop on it.


Cupcake Notepad

I love cupcakes and I can’t imagine any person who does not like them. They are sweet and taste great and they even look great. So what if now you have the possibility to make or leave notes on pieces of paper that look like a cupcake? This is the cutest office item and it is called the Cupcake Notepad. Yes, it ia a cupcake shaped notepad and it even comes in a cupcake shaped little box. It is totally feminine and sweet and also very useful. The notepad is always handy and you can use it for writing down the most important notes or leave messages for your colleagues. Either way it is a very nice way of doing your job and catch a smile every day, too.

If you like this item and want it for you or for a friend who needs a funny gift, you will spend just $5 for this cute surprise.

Top 38 Retro Home Office Designs

Trying to keep up with all the changes and the tendencies in style can be exhausting. Sometimes you just want to sit down, relax and remember how much easier it would be if you could just go back in time.

A classical home office featuring bright colors and friendly shades

That’s obviously not possible. However, you can try to recreate your favorite era through the interior design. You’ll probably choose the retro style so today we’re going to turn our attention to three directions: the classic, vintage and country styles and we’re going to adapt them to a particular room of the house, the home office.


The X3 Offices in Timisoara by Ezzo

This creative and very interesting project was conducted in Timişoara, Romania. It’s a very bold project with a striking design. It’s not a common combination of adjectives that could be used to describe most of the other offices in that city or even in the country. So it’s one more reason to be proud of this project.

Fresh x3 Office in Timisoara

The X3 offices belong to an international; web design company. The interior design was the result of the teamwork between Stefan Lazar and Alexandra Avram from Ezzo. The office covers a surface of 250 sq meters and it’s situated on two levels. On the first floor, two glass offices are situated. They have small friendly desks and a décor fitted for a happy workplace, where people work with pleasure. The second floor consists of a kitchen, a chill-out place and a conference room.


Amazing Up Filer from Westerville Design

In case you are a teacher you work a lot with all kinds of documents, files or other kinds of papers. It is also my case and you can even imagine how my house looks like. It is full of books, magazines, documents, different types of school materials, old documents and so on. These days I had to search for a certain document and this was a real challenge. From time to time I reorganized them; update them so that I can throw the unnecessary materials and new space for the new comers. It is an activity that never ends, perhaps when I must retire.

I saw this amazing Up Filer from Westerville Design and it seems a perfect item for any teacher, architect or other people who need an organized storage place for all their papers.


Efficient Virginia Cove office furniture

The beauty of having a home office is that you can configure it the way you want. You get to choose the location, the furniture and the décor. This way it suits you perfectly and you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant workspace. Everyone wants to have an efficient office but nobody likes to sacrifice style for that. You don’t even have to dot hat because there are plenty of beautiful furniture pieces that you can choose from. One such collection is the Virginia Cove.

Efficient Virginia Cove office furniture

This is a combination of several different pieces of furniture designed especially for offices and that are meant to offer you plenty of storage space, a wide desk and a comfortable chair to sit on. Because not everybody has the same needs, you get to choose the pieces separately and combine them according to your needs.Available here.

You can choose between an open bookcase with two doors, one drawer and four adjustable and removable shelves or a bookcase with glass doors with two wood frame glass doors, two wooed doors and four adjustable and removable shelves. The first one measures 32″W x 14″D x 84″T while the second one’s dimensions are 32″W x 14″D x 84″T. These are more for display and for storage. There is also a corner unit measuring 14″W x 14″D x 84″T, a lateral file desk with two large, locking file drawers and a writing desk with three drawers and two shelves. Add a chair and your office is done.

MOD’s Design Studio in Singapore

Today we would like to present you an interesting office design by Ministry of Design. The space is in fact their own design studio, located at the confluence of Singapore’s Chinatown area and the CBD. Set on a single floor and inhabitating 6 converted shop house units, this space is a statement of innovation and creativity.

The architects wanted to create an open office where people can communicate and the pressure of hierarchy doesn’t exist. The design resembles a barcode, a series of mixed programs are positioned along some “catwalks” and range from gallery space, meeting space, open plan desks, hot desk discussion zones to a library.


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