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Multifunctional Woody Desk

One of the most important things of man’s, besides his life, it is freedom. He was born free and although he might be a solitary person he cannot live closed into a narrow space. Perhaps this is the reason why we love the open spaces, we are in search in more and more space and we always wish to have a more spacious home. Sometimes we are never satisfied with out options and the idea of using some multifunctional pieces of furniture for our home is more and more convenient and satisfactory.

Multifunctional Woody Desk

“Woody” is one of these pieces of furniture envisioned by the sisters Anna-Katharina and Isabelle-Franziska Löhn, creators of SÖRdesign. It is a remarkable desk which has three levels. The highest level is a table, then the lower level is the surface of the desk and the lowest level represents the chair of the desk.


Rackspace hosting company office interior design

Offices are usually boring and cold spaces where people feel trapped like a bird in a cage. It’s the place that we cant wait to leave at the end of the day and wish we wouldn’t have to see again the next day. It’s just the way things are for most of us. However, there is an alternative and Morgan Lovell architects have found it and exploited it when designing web hosting company’s Rackspace office.

Rackspace hosting company office

The main idea was to create an office space that would feel like home, where the employees will feel comfortable, relaxed and, as a result, more productive. Happy employees are productive employees and this is an idea more companies should pay attention to. The Rackspace’s office is a colorful and cozy place that was designed using a family-home as inspiration. As a result, each floor represents a different area usually found in a home. The groung floor is a garage with its own customized Mini Morris, a statement british car.


Practical and versatile go-cart chartreuse desk

Not everything in our homes has to be impressive and stylish. Some items just need to be functional and practical and the design and the looks don’t really matter. It’s the case of this simple desk. It’s a very basic piece of furniture, with a simple design, no unnecessary details and no purely decorative elements. It’s just a simple and practical desk, with a versatile shape that can be used in multiple ways in a variety of different décors.

go-cart chartreuse desk

The desk has a metal structure and it comes equipped with 4 commercial wheels that make this piece extremely practical and functional. It’s made of steel and it has a chartreuse powdercoat finish. It features a utilitarian design. Two of the casters have locks so you can just roll the desk wherever you need it and lock it in place.


The new Astral Media Office Interior Design by Lemay Associés

Astral Media recently relocated approximately 350 employees in downtown Montreal, Canada. Obviously, a new office was needed. Lemay Associés were the ones who designed the interior. There were some clear requirements to this project: the creation of flexible meeting spaces, a contemporary, energetic and versatile working environment for the employees and new furniture standards.

The project was a challenge but the results were very satisfying. The new space is modern and youthful and is able to accommodate a large number of employees, as opposed to the previously dispersed organization. This facilitates the interaction between employees, another one of the original requirements.


Basic office interior design in Paris

betillon / dorval-bory is a Parisian architecture firm that decided to set up their office in a renovated shop located near Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, Franc. Their ‘basic office’ as they call it is rather small. There were only 25 square meters available to work with so the architects decided to keep it simple. In this case the name is quite suggestive.

Instead of installing separating walls, the architects decided to keep the space as it was and to work with only one large area. The large open space means more natural light and more functional space, since the walls are no longer a part of the office. The large front window lets plenty of light inside. The space is divided by a central circulation aisle that separates the area into two work spaces. The working stations don’t have a definite arrangement and they are flexible in this sense.


Contemporary Office Interior by Tanju Ozelgin

Nowadays offices have become so modern that it is a pleasure to see how they were designed. The new Bilgili Holding Office can certainly be included in this category. Located on the terrace floor of a parking garage building in Akaretler,Istanbul, it satisfies the needs of the office organization and everything it supposes. The existing structure was transformed into a contemporary design, which draws the attention and brings an air of freshness.

Contemporary Office Interior by Tanju Ozelgin

This structural geometry provides freedom and dynamism; the terrace space is enriched with water and plants, olive tree and terrace furniture. The meeting rooms are located opposite each other and the middle represents the highest part of the entire building, also reflecting its silhouette to the lounge part. The general atmosphere is elegant and natural, thanks to the materials and colors, but you can also perceive a sportive and at the same time serious mood; the lighting was used in such a way that it features the geometry of the structure.


White AND-SuperPress-SuperBla Office Interior Design

This new and impressive office is located in Shanghai, China and it was a project developed by Naço Architectures. The office covers an area of 80 square meters. As for the interior design, the idea was to create a pure space, liberated from color and material, a fresh and simple space like a blank canvas ready to be filled with new ideas.As you can see, the entire space is white. Everything from floors, ceiling, walls and even furniture has been carefully chosen for this project.

AND-SuperPress-SuperBla Office

It’s a surprising décor at first but once you get the idea it’s surprisingly beautiful and inspiring. Of course, it would have been too simple to leave everything white. The space needed some small pops of color. For this purpose, vibrant and dynamic colors have been chosen as to create energy.


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