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“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s what you’ll find as the underlying stylistic theme in this section of Office articles on Homedit. Whether you’re carving out a tiny desk in a closet or have the opportunity to overhaul an entire space to become the office of your dreams, you’re going to love these Office-related photos and articles.

Practical solution using Ikea boards

We are all interested in the way our homes look like and we try to do our best to look as good as possible, both pleasant and practical. One of the most important aspects is the one regarding the wires in the house, of hiding them more specifically. We need them everywhere, but at the same time, we do not want to see them in our way in the house.The standing desk in the image is out of an Ikea Lagan Countertop cut to the right size and the purpose of its existence was to improve the work place in a living room.

A solution when you need room for your external hard drives, you do not want to take space on the desk and there is not much other space to use is to use the space existing beneath the standing desk and more exactly, to hang the wires on the back of another Ikea board under the desk.


Another convertible Ulisse desk designed special for small spaces

This is yet another practical piece of furniture that’s perfect for small spaces. It’s an ideal piece for small bedrooms. The Ullise unit is part of the Ulisse Collection that includes other similar creations and it’s offered by CLEI. Ulisse is a particularly interesting and versatile unit because it’s a functional desk that also doubles as a pull-down double bed.

The Ulisse desk was designed by Giulio Manzony who also has other similar creations designed for small spaces. This transformable system would be particularly useful in a single-bedroom home or in a teenager’s room. This way during the day it can be used as a practical desk where you can get some work done, maybe do some homework and during the night all you have to do is pull out the bed and sleep comfortably until the next day.


Fresh and modern granny office makeover

There’s always room for better and there’s always hope. We have a great example to illustrate that. This office belongs to a grandma. The same as the rest of the house, the office had some great elements but it also had that grandma look. The colors were not fresh or fun at all and there were also several other things that only a grandma would have.

As it always happens, it came a time when the office became too old, even for a grandmother. As a result, it had to be renovated. The project was quite simple and it shows how some fresh colors and simple organization and renovation techniques you can create a really modern and beautiful décor. The office is almost unrecognizable. It looks fresh and modern and the transformation was impressive.


The multifunctional Poppi Desk

As we often notice, small spaces are particularly difficult to furnish. We have more and more needs every day and there are a lot of things we find necessary but there’s just not enough space for all of them. But, smart as we are, we find solutions for that. One of them and the most simple and practical is to opt for convertible or multifunctional pieces such as this one.

Poppi is a transformable unit that can be used as a desk or a single bed. The Poppi Desk is part of the Poppi Collection that also includes other similar products. The collection is offered by CLEI. The great thing about the Poppi desk is that it has a very compact design. This allows it to be integrated in a variety of small spaces. It takes little floors space and it’s also very versatile inter ms of design, color or shape.


ICT Experience Center De Verdieping

It is known the fact that some splashes of color can do miracles for various interiors and transform them into amazing unrecognizable spaces. Imagine an empty space or with some shades of grey or white. It will not express anything to anyone and instead of being a welcoming space it will look more like rejective.

An industrial building with huge spaces and tall ceilings does not look too attractive, especially for those who would like to teach and learn and work in education. It is the case of Studio1:1 ‘s clients called Stichting Kennisnet which represents a local educational institution in ICT(Information and Communications Technology) in Netherlands.They requested to Studio1:1, a Netherlands based design firm to create the ICT Experience Center De Verdieping.


Butterfly Magazine Basket

Some offices like dentist’s office or any other business  that involved people staying in a waiting room will use magazines to keep the clients busy while waiting. Even when you are at home with friends or just want to spend time on the terrace you will love having a nice magazine rack. It helps keeping all the magazines in one place and looks great, contributing to the general design of the room. This beautiful Butterfly Magazine Basket is natural and nice, perfect for any home or office.

The basket is totally ecological because the manufacturer uses rattan and albasia wood on an iron frame. The bottom and the sides are stronger and have a more resistant weaving of rattan, while the front and the back are more stylized and have a butterfly shape. The butterfly is colourful and beautiful, having coloured beads spread all over the design, giving the basket a youthful and merry look. The basket has two very useful handles on the sides, so you can move it easily from one place to another even if it is filled with magazines.  The basket size is perfect for storing magazines (18.75″W x 7.75″D x 11.75″H) and the price, too – $29.98.

Rustic desk for your office

There can be no home, office or educational institution without a desk in it. A person spends a lot of time at the desk, whether it is for work or entertainment. Today’s inspired piece is a great desk for your office. The Flatiron Desk is special because it is made out of reclaimed doors and is handcrafted. The pairing of antique elm doors and cast metal achieves the “form meets function” industrial appeal.

This lovey desk is artisan crafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variation in the wood or metal work are expected. Also, the reclaimed elm tabletop is hand-selected, planed, sanded and unfinished, with the patina of reclaimed wood. The tabletop may have holes from hinges or door knob given its previous life as an antique door. Its solid steel frame stands on caster wheels and is supported by structural cross bracing.


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