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Hongkong Post Post Makeover

Decorating in usually used to improve and make a better ambient in homes and small offices but in Hong Kong the ADO architects wore contracted to recreate the Mong Kok Post Office, a public service with both history and brand so they used most of their skills and imagination to complete the job.

Since the Mong Kok is the most popular post there they had a tough mission. They decided to separate it in three parts: reorganizing the signaling system for better visual communication, reshaping the space in order to make best use of it for the clients and for the employees also and re-branding the design of the post office to make it stronger incorporating its unique history and branding identity.


Adding style to your office with the Porter Collector’s Desk

Today we’re going to present also to you the Porter Collector’s Desk, part of the stylish Porter Collection.The entire collection is fabricated of solid kiln-dried hardwood, engineered wood, MDF and birch veneer which ensures the long-lasting of the products with a touch of style given by the colors and shades of the materials used. The desk legs and the top panel are made of solid hardwood to provide you more safety with a firm line while the sides are finished by hand for your comfort.

The main feature that makes this desk a keeper is the hidden drawer with 22 compartments that can hold up to 20 pounds where you can put all your little things you used to keep on the surface of a normal desk. That also keeps the stylish look, there is no style to a fully loaded desk isn’t it? Although you have the drawer the desk can hold up to 200 pounds weight just in case.


Making Your Own Office from a Storage Closet

Nowadays many of us work a lot at home besides the activity we develop outside our house, in an institution, a factory, a school, a hospital and so on. The work on computer became indispensable and we need a perfect place where we can work quietly at home too. The amount of documents that are necessary for our work is more and more increasing and the importance of getting a place of our own becomes more and more prioritized.

Unfortunately many of us cannot afford a real big office at home although we need it. There are still some solutions which can help us get the working place we need and where we can feel comfortable enough and one of them is this brilliant idea of making an office from a storage closet. You will be amazed by the privacy and peaceful atmosphere you can get and where every item will be very close to you and nothing can bother you or make you feel uncomfortable. Here you will have a place of your own where you can work as long as you can and at the end you will be the only one that can turn off the lights and shut the doors.


Bring the nature into daily routine office

The daily routine seems to affect our life and sometimes we feel suffocated by its boredness. The early wake –up in the morning, the way we get to work, the dull office that waits for us and so on. We need changes, we need diversity, special places where we can work and feel at ease when we develop our activity. Sometimes a little bit of color seems to change our entire mood and rhythm.

The Danish designer Rosan Bosch seems to have the same opinion when he was asked by manufacturer’s products for health PreviaSundhed to create a working place which inspires you health, beauty of nature and relaxation. Thus for the offices of the company in Copenhagen there were used organic prints on the walls, transparent walls and some other pieces of furniture with an organic shape which complete this comfortable working place.


The Eegoo Pure White Offices

This is the Eegoo office building. It’s located in Beijing, China and it has been designed by dEEP Architects. It was a project for eegoo Culture and it consists of a new office for eegoo featuring a modern and inspiring approach to the traditional design.

The office covers a total floor area of 2300 square meters. As you might have guessed, this is not just any ordinary office. It features a very interesting and intriguing interior design, very artistic and with a very striking architecture. It seems like the architects focused first on form and the function came after that, as a result or as a consequence and adaptation of the first one.


The Sculptural Volna Table by Nüvist

Some homes just don’t look complete without a unique piece of furniture. The classic designs do nothing for certain decors so unusual approaches are required. In this case, this living room needed some extra spark and the Volna Table was the perfect item to complete the décor.

The Volna Table was designed by the Turkish design firm Nüvist. It’s not the typical coffee table. In fact, I’m not even sure we can call that a coffee table. It’s a futuristic approach to the traditional table design. Everything about it is different and unique. The purpose of this project was to create something tangible and material that manages to express a serene and creative concept.


Round Step Trash Can

Whether you are at home or at your office, whether you are young or old, you still need some very apparently unimportant things around you, things that are a part of your life and everyday routine. They are very useful , yet you do not think about them unless you need them. Such an example of thing is the trash can that you use more than once a day. Without it you would be forced to find some innovative ways of storing garbage or throw all the paper pieces and other trifles you no longer need all over the place. And if your trash can is broken or very far you will certainly think about it. So these trash cans are important, too. And if you want to have a clean office without any unnecessary problems you will want this Round Step Trash Can.

First of all it is very useful and can hold up to 30 liters of trash or 8 gallons. So you do not have to take it out three times a day. Then it is very nice-looking and cool and fits the general design of your office perfectly. It is made of brushed stainless steel, so it is perfect for any modern office or even home. The lid is dent proof, so you do not have to worry that your fingers will show in a bad way on it. It is very easy to use it, as you simply press the small step and the lid opens. You can actually keep it open for a longer time if you need it. It is available for $49.99.


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