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Innovative and exciting advertising office

The Saatchi & Saatchi office is located in Bangkok, Thailand. In 211 it went through a renovation that resulted in the transformation of the office into a more modern and colorful space. The project was developed by Supermachine Studio and it was completed in October 2011. The office covers a total area of 400 square meters.

After the renovation, the office turned into a colorful, fun and innovative space. The inspiration for the new décor came from everyday life objects and this makes it seem comfortable and familiar. The office was designed into two separate volumes. One is the creative zone and the other is the managing zone. Two separate areas for two distinct purposes. As expected, these spaces have different decors.


Deskbox:Small wall-mounted desk/cabinet

Present and future is based on computer work, which is an advantage because it saves storage space and work space. Today, all you need is a laptop and you are ready to work. But considering there are more and more offices with a lot of employees, the problem of space appears even in an office where everyone works on computers. It is quite expensive to pay and maintain a large office and sometimes you don’t even find the space in the crowded towns.

An alternative for large desks, which saves a lot of space and also gives an opened and airy look to the office, is now given by the designers from the English company Raw Edges. The designers special created this concept for the furniture enterprise Arco, but it can be successfully adapted in any office.  The piece of furniture is named the Deskbox and, as its name says, it looks like a box, which is fixed on the wall and serves as a desk. On it you can use your laptop, write, and when you don’t need it anymore you just close it in a compact small box.


Minimalist Pivot desk and vanity by Shay Alkalay

There are moments when your living space is limited and you need to do some compromises so that you get in the end the living conditions that you need. A few years ago, I and my husband lived in a small room which had a small bathroom and kitchen. We had to think of all sort of ideas how to take advantage of the space that we had so that everything seemed comfortable. Many of our things were suspended on the walls, climbed somewhere on a wardrobe so that we tried to save as much space as we could to make our walking through the rooms easier and more comfortable.

Perhaps pieces like these two, a Pivot Desk and Vanity designed by Shay Alkalay would have been perfect for our small living place and would have helped us to save a lot of space. They have a minimalist design and represent new additions to the Pivot line for Arco.The Pivot Desk is an excellent place where you can work and its two special drawers that are hinged together so that they can both be opened at the same time are very practical.


22 feet advertising agency office interior design

White Canvas is an independent advertising agency and this is its office. It was a project by Kamat & Rozario Architecture and the inspiration came at first from the company’s name. The office is located in Bangalore, India and it covers a surface of 7,000 square feet. The whole project was completed in 2012. The office features a contemporary design and the whole idea behind it very simple but also a little abstract.

The client has very few requirements. The office needed to include a series of closed rooms that would be used for meetings, discussions, ideating and so on. These closed spaces or containers are like a blank canvas on which the artist can express itself. This way it takes different forms depending on the artist’s imagination. It’s rather hard to explain the whole idea but it gets clearer when you look at the pictures. Each enclosed room has its own look and it all depends on the user and the program.


Bold combination of colors for a strong branding agency office

Yesterday I wrote a few lines about a famous office from UK. Today I will present you a different one, a place that focuses on appearance and visitor’s first impression. The idea of this project designed by TOPOS Design Studio was to create a warm environment for those who work there, and the feeling of community, trust and pride for those who visit the agency. The building is located in Singapore, and it is actually a low cost combination of three major colors: gray, red and white. Perhaps you were used to see big offices with cold and shiny industrial look, but this time it will be different.

From the entrance we can see the fact that this media agency has a lot of personality emphasized by the bold combination of colors, textures and materials which seem to say a lot of things about the staff. The two-story place is arranged using symmetrical surfaces and textures in the mirror, and decorated with some minimalist artworks and lighting objects that make the place more beautiful than already is.


Versatile work center with huge work surface

Space always seems to be necessary when it comes to refer to our home office. It is our working space where we can do different things from working on computer, writing on a sheet of paper, drawing, crafting, painting or arranging some things. Usually the working surface needs to be large so that we can move comfortably and we some extra deposit space is also needed.

If you need all these things then Project Center is your answer to all these aspects. Venture Horizon designed this work centre which has a large work space, one 9-section adjustable-height bookcase, and one 3-bin cabinet organizes materials and supplies for hobbies and projects. Here you can work sitting comfortably or do everything you need in a relaxing way.The strength, stability and durability of Project Center are provided by stain-resistant, laminated wood composites, including MDF. It is made in USA and is available in various colors like: black, oak, dark walnut, and white. A set of three optional drawers to fit bins are sold separately.

Project Center is very practical and useful, available with two bookcases or with two-3bin cabinets too. Those who are already interested in this piece of furniture may take into consideration some dimensions like: 55″W x 40.75″D x 38.5″H. Spacious tabletop measures 55″W x 41″D x 2.5″H. Bookcase dimensions: 39″W x 11.5″D x 36″H. 3-bin cabinet storage bays are 11.25″ x 10.625″ x 39″ long. They will provide you the necessary information so that you see if it is the perfect furniture piece for your home.

The new UK Google Campus interior design

I’ve always thought that a company like Google has one of the most ultramodern offices in the world, but I was wrong. Now I realized that Google focuses much more on having useful and simple things than comfort and extravagance in a place where the most important thing has to be the work atmosphere.

Located in the Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch, Google’s newest UK campus is designed by London-based Jump Studio. The seven-story building still keeps details of the old decorations after it has been stripped of its original finishes and renovated using modern building materials. Now, the place has a new, modern but industrial look, a place that subtle invites you to focus on doing your job properly, having at your disposal all you need from a company like that.


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