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“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s what you’ll find as the underlying stylistic theme in this section of Office articles on Homedit. Whether you’re carving out a tiny desk in a closet or have the opportunity to overhaul an entire space to become the office of your dreams, you’re going to love these Office-related photos and articles.

From an old machinery shed to a modern functional work space

This intriguing structure is located in Wildes Meadow, Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia and it’s called simply “Black Box”. The name suits it well considering the shape and color of the building. There aren’t many black houses or any other type of buildings out there. People usually try to make theirs integrate as naturally as possible into the surroundings and to have a bright and airy design. In this case, the owners wanted this piece to stand out instead of just blending in.

The Black Box was designed by Tina Tziallas and Factor Design and it was completed in February 2012. The box is actually quite small and the interior space measures approximately 100 square meters. It has a compact, geometrical shape and its exterior is completely black. This mysterious structure is actually a work space for a software design studio. The client’s interest in contemporary design played a very important role in determining the shape, color and overall design of this building.


Elegant Hidden Office Armoire

Although pieces of furniture are indispensable in a house they take a lot of space of it. Wardrobes, desks, tables, chairs, armchairs are very useful but sometimes they seem to suffocate us or seem to appear in our way just when we need a little bit of more space. At the same time some refined pieces of furniture can make our home more attractive and elegant so that the others appreciate it even more.

The Linear Office Armoire is part of both categories of these pieces of furniture. Its imposing appearance makes of it an elegant piece which can be used in a refined space or even a bedroom. It was made in northern Wisconsin and the solid wood adds more refinement .The dovetail joints or the handcrafted steel hardware are features that make it more appreciated and special. The oil and wax finish adds some glamour to its appearance while the light lacquer used for the finish of the stained pieces brings much more protection.


New office and studio space in the heart of SoHo

Logan is a New York bicoastal production company that recently got a new office and studio. The space was designed by Brooklyn-based design firm SO-IL and it’s located in New York, NY, USA. It’s a project that covers a total area of 6,500 square meters and that was completed in 2012. The new office is situated in a corner loft space on the second floor of a landmarked building in SoHo.

The office the team designed is very dynamic and modern and it’s a space that encourages collaboration and team work. Given the fact that a large part of the company’s team consists of a series of mobile consultants that join the team strictly for a particular project, the office had to be flexible and to allow easy reorganization. Each project is different and thus requires a different setting. The office has very little permanent spaces and personalized workstations. It’s a very flexible space and you never know where you’ll be sitting next.


Revolutionary Tambour Desk

I am a guy who loves cables and wires all over the place. When I’m working on some electrical components I like to have at hand on my “working station” all the tools necessary, but my mom freaks out every time she enters “the shop” ( my room). So I figured out that not everyone loves a crowded desk and some really like thinks simple with as few item as possible, I won’t understand them but it’s their choice.

With that thought in my mind I found this desk that offers a sleek, clean simple design but has also a special place for office accessories. A drawer you might think would solve this problem but not in this particular design.The tabletop was conceived to rotate, offering a hidden storage space underneath, more than enough for all your USB connectors, phone, books, duck tape, scissors and so on, not to mention the electrical plug and the power chord that is also hidden in one of the table legs.


Using Your Space Wisely:Tips on efficiently using the space under your desk

Offices could possibly be the most irritating space in the home. Business workers have an office at work, so they don’t pay too much attention to their home office. At home workers, live in their offices and sometimes that quite literal. Whereas college students have an “office,” which consists of their bed, kitchen, living room, desk, campus, coffee shop, and wherever else they can sit.

However and wherever you utilize your time working, the space is important. The proper desk is a must have as well as key organization, which is why it is time to not only pay attention to above and around your desktop but also underneath.

Some say creating or having clutter under your desk can create issue within your work atmosphere. I agree. If your office is a total mess, has too much in it, isn’t organized, your work will be a mess too. Yet this is why we learn to organize. Organization isn’t something a lot of people know how to do, but everyone should learn a thing or two about it. You’d be surprised how much relief you can get out of it.

There are several ways you can execute organization under your desk.


Black and white Appricot office walls

Appricot is a brand new startup company. There’s not much anyone knows about it yet except for the fact that they’re currently building a big project called BestAppz. But even though the company itself is still a mystery, its headquarters isn’t. In fact, there’s a lot we can learn about it from the way it looks on the inside.

The Appricot headquarters is one of the most interesting ones out there. It doesn’t impress with its size or luxury. The fact is that all this space has to offer is a series of wall illustrations. It’s enough to leave everyone speechless. The illustrations and the interior design were created by Nina Radenkovic from Belgrad, Serbia. She focuses on digital art, graphic design and illustration. She’s not yet very famous but this project will definitely help with that.


The Quello Desk-Table by Phil Proctor

A small desk or a console table are always useful. However, when you don’t necessarily need them but would still find them useful from time to time, the idea of having a desk just for occasional use is not something we would consider. It’s because it would occupy space that we can use for something else, of greater interest. However, there’s a way to have them both, space and desk/console table.

The solution is the Quello Table. Unlike typical desk or console tables, this piece serves a double purpose. It can be sued either as a desk or table and the best part is that is takes very little space. It’s because of tis design. The Quello Table is a contemporary piece of furniture with a minimalist design. It’s a piece that can only be used when placed against the wall. That’s because of its shape. The table is quite small but it provides enough space to make it comfortable for you to work at.


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