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15 ideas for a multipurpose office/work space

Most often you can’t just detach yourself completely from your work so you have to bring it home with you. Whether it’s a rare thing or something you do all the time, you still need a space where you can work. But what happens when you don’t have the space for an office. Well…you don’t actually need a whole room for that so you can improvise. Multipurpose spaces are very practical and functional in any home. Here a few ideas.

This is a detached guest house with a large family room that also has a corner office area. The guest house is actually very suitable because it gives you the peace and quiet you need while working. In this case, the work space has been organized in a corner where it benefits from lots of natural sunlight coming through the windows and large doors.


A charming and creative workspace in Barcelona

Having a pleasant environment to work in is very important. A plain, boring and overly small workspace can be depressing and not that good for your efficiency either. So if you ever need some inspiration, take a look at this place. It’s a space that serves as an office, workshop, exhibition and event gallery. It’s the work of a young group of interior and product designers called Aus3 Taller de disseny.

They’re the ones that came with the idea for this space and they also designed and created it. The group, that have just established in Barcelona, called their creation Espai Born. Their organization of the internal space was based on functionality and efficiency. This way, the space features a working area below the stairs and a meeting room, a workshop and a library placed on the same level. There’s also a reception area and a bathroom close by.


Fun Greenhouse Idea in an Office by OpenAD

If you love the outdoors and sometimes just feel the need to get out of the office then we would like to present you an “indoor greenhouse”. OpenAD created this modern office for a company located in Riga, Latvia in 2012.The design features an abstract white plane that cuts across the open plan, with an indoor forest of trees and potted plants enbedded within it. The mini-greenhouse zig-zags between desks, rising out from the floating white table, whose juts create niches for housing more plants and also couches for relaxing breaks.


Luxurious office relocation and redecoration in Cape Town

Sygnia, a financial services company, wanted to relocate their offices. The plan was to occupy the top two floors of the Foundry in Green Point, Cape Town. For that, they went to Cape Town-based design studio Antoni Associates for help. The team managed to respond to the company’s requests and the offices were successfully relocated. The project was completed in 2010 and the Sygnia offices now have a contemporary and very stylish look.

Mark Rielly and Michele Rhoda of Antoni Associates had few requests for the designers. The main goal was to create an open plan office environment and the key for that was to get inspiration from the industrial New York loft-style gallery spaces. Also, given the fact that the client was passionate about art and had an impressive collective of international and local artworks, the team also needed to find a way to incorporate those into the new office design.


The elegance of the 1890s showcased in the Quartermasters Vintage Desk

The 1890s were dominated by vintage designs. In fashion, the main elements were long lines and elegant details. In furniture, the basic elements are the same. Elegance, at that time, was the equivalent of quality and most designs featured a uniform, continuous look. The Quartermasters Vintage Desk is a good example. It has a monochromatic design and there are no striking contrasts. However, it has that elegance specific to that period.

The Quartermasters Vintage Industrial S Top Mercantile Desk has a robust look and it’s detailed with many subtle elements. Still, it does not have a very intricate design. It’s a rather simple piece of furniture. Also, it obviously has a functional design. The desk features many storage compartments, some of them visible and some hidden. It has four aligned drawers of the same dimensions on each side and two additional smaller drawers above the working surface.


From A Bus Station Into A Office of Tourism

The Office of Tourism is a contemporary structure located in A Coruña, Spain. It has an original and eye-catching design and it surprises with the way it manages to impress and to be an iconic structure with having necessitated a big budget.What is now the iconic Office of Tourism was originally a bus station that in time has been abandoned. It was transformed and turned into this impressive structure.

The project was developed by Alejandro García y Arquitectos in collaboration with Teconstrur and it was completed in 2012. The goal was to create something that would stand out and that would attract the tourists. It was a smart decision, given the fact that this particular area was not famous for its beaches, landscape or architecture, even though they deserve to be admired.


Stylish and cozy attic office by Vasiliy Butenko

The general image that we have about offices is that of a space of relative dimensions with a desk, a chair, some shelves and other storage spaces and a décor that’s rather cold and neutral. But this is not a rule. Some offices are very pleasant and cozy spaces. This one, for example, is an attic office and it’s a very stylish space.

The office was designed by Vasiliy Butenko and the main idea behind the project was to give it a homey feel, to try to change the classical office image people expect and to make something cozy and inviting. The result was an office that doesn’t really feel like an office. This is either very good or very bad, depending on how easily distracted and lazy you are. The architect tried to show everyone that a commercial office space doesn’t necessarily have to be rigid and cold.


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