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“Work smarter, not harder.” That’s what you’ll find as the underlying stylistic theme in this section of Office articles on Homedit. Whether you’re carving out a tiny desk in a closet or have the opportunity to overhaul an entire space to become the office of your dreams, you’re going to love these Office-related photos and articles.

10 Sleek, stylish and space-saving floating desks

Even though the desk is basically the most important piece of furniture in a home office, this doesn’t mean it can occupy the entire room. In order to obtain a functional and airy interior décor for your home office you need to find ingenious and clever solutions. A floating desk, for example, is a modern option that allows you to free up some floor space and to obtain and an airy décor without giving up functionality. Here are a few design ideas.

This is a modern and very simple home office that features white walls and a beautiful and sleek floating desk that perfectly integrates in that carved space in between side walls. The desk is made of wood and this also helps create a warm and inviting look that balances the coldness of the walls. Also, the beautiful lime armchairs add a touch of color.


The reinvented Svensk Travsport Offices, now with a colorful and dynamic interior

You may not know this about Sweden but it’s the third biggest trotting country in the world. It comes after the US and France and the Swedish Trotting organization been the central organization since 1952. So with a reputation like this, the Svensk Travsport organization had to rise up to the expectations. Their offices have recently been redesigned.

It was a project developed by Note Design Studio and completed in 2011. The main idea was to basically reinvent everything about them, to redesign the offices, to update their interiors and to change the atmosphere to something more suitable. It’s why the architects opted for something dynamic for the interior.


10 Luxury Office Design Ideas For a Remarkable Interior

Whether you work from home or you occasional bring home something from your workplace that needs to be solved, you need a space where you can be by yourself in order to be able to concentrate. A home office gives you that opportunity. And, as it happens in the case of any office regardless of where it is and what it’s used for, it’s important to feel comfortable in there.

Custom library/office with rich mahogany paneling and custom hoods

So just because you use that space to work doesn’t mean you have to ignore all sense of style. In fact, it’s much more probable that you’ll be able to work efficiently when you’re in a space with a stylish interior décor. In order to create a luxurious and sophisticated décor for your office you first need the space for that. If you want the office to feel formal, high ceilings are a great detail. If you just want it to be elegant and to feel sophisticated but without being intimating and overly imposing, you can opt for wood as a main material.


Decorating A Black & White Office: Ideas & Inspiration

Black can be dull and white can be boring, but the classic combination is a timeless duo that is fashionable, stylish and always chic. What better way to adorn your home office than with a bout of sophistication and class? Let’s take a look at some ideas and inspiration for decorating your own black and white home office.

First, decide on what color you want your walls. White is great for a crisp finish, especially if you have lots of  black furniture pieces, a combination is great if you add a pinch of grey to tone things down, but then again, using grey on the walls can balance out your black and white accents and furniture too!!


The elegant Voltaire desk, an example of timeless beauty

Whenever you find something that doesn’t obey the rules and doesn’t follow the trends like everything else, it feels almost as if you have found a treasure. So when we found this wonderful desk we felt like we’ve made a unique discovery. The desk is indeed very original and beautiful.Stylish and elegant, the Voltaire writing desk was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus.

It’s part of the Private Collection that consists of many beautiful and original furniture items. The Voltaire Desk is the latest addition to the collection. It stands out with its delicate elegance and simplicity. This stylish piece of furniture doesn’t follow the trends and lines of this new era. Instead, it makes its own rules and invents its own trends.


15 ideas for a multipurpose office/work space

Most often you can’t just detach yourself completely from your work so you have to bring it home with you. Whether it’s a rare thing or something you do all the time, you still need a space where you can work. But what happens when you don’t have the space for an office. Well…you don’t actually need a whole room for that so you can improvise. Multipurpose spaces are very practical and functional in any home. Here a few ideas.

This is a detached guest house with a large family room that also has a corner office area. The guest house is actually very suitable because it gives you the peace and quiet you need while working. In this case, the work space has been organized in a corner where it benefits from lots of natural sunlight coming through the windows and large doors.


A charming and creative workspace in Barcelona

Having a pleasant environment to work in is very important. A plain, boring and overly small workspace can be depressing and not that good for your efficiency either. So if you ever need some inspiration, take a look at this place. It’s a space that serves as an office, workshop, exhibition and event gallery. It’s the work of a young group of interior and product designers called Aus3 Taller de disseny.

They’re the ones that came with the idea for this space and they also designed and created it. The group, that have just established in Barcelona, called their creation Espai Born. Their organization of the internal space was based on functionality and efficiency. This way, the space features a working area below the stairs and a meeting room, a workshop and a library placed on the same level. There’s also a reception area and a bathroom close by.


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